How To Train Your Dragon: iPhone and Palm Pre release

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2010

Have you seen the trailers for ‘How to train your Dragon’ and liked the look of it? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that the official mobile game is now available on the iPhone as well as Palm Pre handsets.

The game has been subtitled: ”Flight of the Night Fury” and features the characters Toothless and Viking. Toothless, the dragon and Hiccup a viking teenager work together, flying around solving various challenges and picking up treasures along the way.

The game is very user-friendly and features stunning handheld 3D graphics, as well as glorious music recognisable from the film.

It is priced $2.99 from both the App Store and Palm Store. Head to the links below for full details. Let us know if you’ll be buying this game or not.

Buy for iPhone
Buy for Palm Pre

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  • If this is done following the same old beat up formula that Hollywood sticks to with regards to animation, then the dragons will be yakking non-stop. Thank goodness that this film, directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, avoids this like the plague, and