Dragster adds YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr improved sharing

By Gary Johnson - Mar 26, 2010

Today we can report a new version of Dragster for Mac OS X, which brings the software to version 1.1.1. Ambrosia Software says that Dragster will add improved support for YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr.

Dragster will let the user use numerous protocols to send files to a remote server. You can send files to people via Instant Messaging, Bluetooth, and email. The new version also fixes various issues with the software. Will you appreciate the simple drag and drop sharing improvements?

This new version fixes many problems and these include: Dragster not allowing file shares to be ejected, option key not always toggling move/copy, and server field being editable during Best Available. Users of programs like Fetch and Transmit, will have no problem with Dragster as it will complement these.

Availability and Pricing: Dragster costs $19, Mac OS X 10.4 required or later. The program is a Universal Binary application. The updated version is free to all registered users of Dragster 1.x. To purchase Dragster please click here.Alternatively to download click here.

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