Bing update offers Foursquare real-time data mapping

By Peter Chubb - Mar 26, 2010

Bing received an update yesterday, and one of the new features that Microsoft added was new mapping tools that are powered by Foursquare – offering real-time data buried in maps. Microsoft said that this is yet another departure from what we are used to with Google search results.

Bing has evolved to so much more than Google is right now; they now call themselves the “decision engine” – as they offer more relevant results. We are not sure if Google see it like that.

PC World decided to take a little tour of the updates on Bing – the biggest change is to the left hand side of the search results – no more Explorer navigation pane. This has now been replaced with Quick Tabs – these are related to your search queries.

These latest changes have not given us anything new from Bing’s search technology – it is just minor improvements in key areas. For more details visit PC World

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