Beijing Motor Show 2010: Ford all-new concept car confirmed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 26, 2010

The Beijing Motor Show begins next month and Autoblog has already found a few golden nuggets on vehicles that are coming up. One of these vehicles is an all-new concept car from Ford – the Detroit automaker also confirmed that the 2011 Ford Edge with MyFordTouch would also be on show.

The Ford press release did not offer any other information on this new concept vehicle – Ford is being clever by unveiling this new vehicle at one of the largest autoshows on the calendar.

Autoblog have made the assumption that the new concept will be something based on the C1 platform. A number of readers suggests that it could be a global release of the Explorer – I think that this is a bit of a stretch, Ford are saying something new not something they already have.

Ford is certainly showing how they are able to continue with strong sales worldwide – and announcements such as this will do them no harm at all.

What would you like to see Ford bring to the 2010 Beijing Motor Show?

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  • peter

    I would like to see a new sport car. 400+hp in a large two-door coupe.