Verizon Motorola Devour released: What about Nexus One?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 25, 2010

Verizon Wireless has finally released the Motorola Devour smartphone to its network – so what about the Nexus One? It is great that the U.S. carrier has made available yet another new handset, but lets face it – it is not the one that we have all been waiting for.

Verizon customers will begin to get tired of not getting the best smartphones, AT&T have the Nexus One and the iPhone, which are seen as two of the best handsets on the market. The carrier had better launch one of these handsets soon; otherwise they could start to lose customers.

However, we have to remember that some of these things are out of their control – HTC could be to blame for the lack of Verizon Nexus One at CTIA 2010. As for the iPhone, this is an ongoing conversation that both parties have had for sometime now.

Computer World tells us that the Motorola Devour is available from today on the Verizon Wireless network – the price is $150 with a rebate, you will need to sign up to a two-year contract. For more details visit

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  • Tommy

    What makes me mad is by the time verizon lets the nexus one get released it will be out dated ,, The samsung Galaxy S and the sprint evo are already beating some of nexus specs
    Veerizon really is stinking this one up,,

  • whatever

    this is a bit of a culture shock for me. i wonder what us everyone in a hurry for anyhow, some things, like wine, are better appreciated with more time. where is this technology leading us? what are we all becoming? big brother now knows where everyone butt is 24/7 – people are walking around psychological absent of their immediate surroundings more and more. more textual infidelity. did anyone see the matrix? btw, the devour looks like a nexus killer… haha, i’m starting to pick up on the matrix lingo fast. that songs, i think i am turning japanese, now i comes to mind. does anyone care if a product is made in america anymore? the next phone name i think should be called “the black hole”. it’s up for grabs, with motorola giving the first right of refusal. just give me a bit of credit in the future, i’ve been shy before to claim my 10 minutes of fame.

  • George

    If they would at least make an official statement that the phone is coming on April 1st or 5th or 30th at least we would know. Leaving the consumer in the dark like this fuels the flame that people have against Verizon. I’m happy with my service and my past phones but its time for the smartphones to work. The waiting game doesn’t last forever.

  • zack

    devour?? what the hell that is the ugliest phone i have ever seen

  • Josh

    It this point I don't care if it isn't Verizon's fault on this one. I have been waiting years for Verizon to get a phone that could keep up with the Iphone, and now that one is finally available they still can't seem to release it. You would think that America's largest provider could have at least one of the top 5 phones currently on the market. My contract has been up for two months, and I am only going to give Verizon maybe 2 more weeks to get a good phone, or I am going to AT&T.

  • Travis

    Start to lose customers?! Please. VZW has been losing customers to AT&T since the iPhone came out. VZW will start losing their most loyal customers (like me), though, if they continue to leave us in the dark ages with the devices they offer.

    However, I am very confident (hopeful) that the Nexus One and HTC Incredible will be announced on the VZW network on April 1st (no jokes, I hope!). My evidence? VZW is currently offering a Buy One Get One on smartphones, including the Droid. Offer Ends: (drum roll……) 3/31. Nothing like clearing the shelves before offering the next big thing!

  • Justin

    I don't think it's great that they've released the devour. Isn't just a silver Droid? So they released the same phone in silver 5 months after the first? What morons. Now they have all this inventory of Droid phones they need to sell before they can be on board with a nexus one release.