Verizon and Skype: Nexus One missing from list

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

As we informed you earlier on this week, Skype gave us more details at CTIA Wireless 2010, regarding their upcoming support for Verizon handsets this year. While it was a pretty lengthy list, one handset that ‘didnt’ make the list was the upcoming Nexus One.

If you haven’t seen the list yet, you can do so by reading our previous article here. Handsets that will be supported by a new Skype application include popular handsets such as the BlackBerry Storm2, BlackBerry Tour 9630 and the quite recent Motorola DROID handset.

Are Verizon holding back Skype support for the Nexus One, until an official announcement on the handset is made? We didn’t see anything yesterday, and it doesnt look as if it is coming today either. One more day left though, fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be disappointed if Skype did not feature at all on the Nexus One, or are you not too bothered about it?

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  • mattt

    i have verizon and im waiting to upgrade. fortunately my 2 year contract is up and i can leave at any time. verizon is seriously getting on my nerves with their proprietary crap. i am really looking forward to skype mobile, but if verizon makes it a verizon-exclusive app, then i'll leave them just to spite them. if its not accessible to everybody then i don't even want it.

  • peterL

    This wait for the NexusOne on Verizon is driving me to drink.

  • peterL

    This wait for the NexusOne on Verizon is driving me to drink.

  • Dan

    I’ve had my AND since release date (I live in one of the few areas where T-mo is decent) but I do think it’s odd that the N1 isn’t on the list and that Skye has been pulled entirely from the market.

    Can’t say I’m bummed about it tho fring supports everything but some official love would be nice.

  • Jim

    What good is a calling utility for a phone that isn't even available?

  • MP Flinn

    Same here… change the rumors into dates, Verizon!

  • Blaze

    Verizon is getting on my nerves! Ive been with them like…forever! It would be nice to know if and when they are going to release the Nexus 1 if at all. My wifes phone is now due for an upgrade. I upgraded mine in January and got the Moto Droid. Awesome phone BTW. My wife wants one now so I figure I'd use her upgrade and get the N1 and give her my pimped out Droid. She's for it, but she is also impatient. C'mon VZW get it together! Don't you see how much people want to get this phone? Hurry up or I'm going to be forced to jump ship!

  • Steve

    It’s rather annoying that Verizon is taking it’s loyal customers for granted. We’ve stayed with them despite iPhone envy and now I feel strung along. They better come out with an announcement soon. I was upgrade eligible last October and if Nexus or iPhone as-good-as product is not available soon, then hello ATT.

  • There needs to be an announcement on a release date for the Nexus One. Ive been waiting well over a month to upgrade. I want the Nexus One! or an iphone would be nice, but Verizon is not releasing dates!! Why?? Letting people know would probably build their fan base more. C'mon verizon!!!

    • agreed. I'm going nuts on this! i wish that they would tell us. I work in a mobile communications call center, and i keep telling people about this phone, and so far, I'm being made to look like an idiot.

    • rustafarii

      I agree… I don't give a damn about Skype for the N1… how about getting us a friggin' N1 first!?

    • Bryan

      I know im going crazy i want this phone. I went to a Verizon store on Tuesday the 22nd cause i read it was suppose to come out the 23rd and the manager lady said the 25th.