Project Natal: Official World Premiere at E3 2010

By Jamie Pert - Mar 25, 2010

One of the biggest talking points at E3 2009 was the demonstration of Project Natal, at the time this technology was pretty much unheard of by the general public, however since then more and more details regarding the controller-free gaming technology have been revealed.

Microsoft have recently officially announced that Project Natal’s “world premiere” this will take place at E3 2010 on Sunday June 13th 2010, they will then hold a press conference on Monday June 14th.

It is thought that Microsoft may also announce pricing and availability details at the show, and I am sure that they will show off the technology with some of the upcoming supporting video games.

At the moment all we have been told is that it will launch in the holiday period 2010, however there is a slight possibility that release date could be brought forward.

Source: SlashGear

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