Nexus One: Verizon’s delay is Switzerland’s gain

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

We are hearing reports that the Google Nexus One handset is now available to buy in Switzerland, after a photo appeared, confirming a price as well as the carriers which will take the handset on board.

As reported from TimesAsia, the Google Nexus One will be heading to Switzerland on the Orange and Sunrise networks. As for price, phone owners over there should expect to pay up to 859 Swiss francs ($812 US) for one.

Of course though, everyone back in the US wants to know when the Nexus One will finally arrive on Verizon. We have heard various rumors stating that Verizon staff ‘are not allowed to say anything’ regarding a release, but all this speculation is starting to add to frustration, rather than excitement.

Will Verizon finally announce the Nexus One at CTIA Wireless before it ends? Lets hope so. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • N1 FTW

    I have been waiting months for the N1 for Verizon, but as release dates come and pass I thought about why Verizon wouldn't release any info for the N1. They probably want to squeeze every last dollar out of the Droid before they move on to the nexus. But that still makes no sense because most sources say the N1 won't be in stores, so there would be no competition to the Droid anyway? At any rate, Verizon needs to get on the ball soon before they piss off their entire smartphone customer base.

  • DRman

    Agreed with the comments. I've been waiting forever for some news. I will be shopping for a smartphone this weekend, and if the N1 isn't announced by then, it will be bye bye Verizon.

  • Tim

    Verizon has managed to piss off alot of customers with this one. Including myself. Not sure why it would take them more than 3 months (almost 4) to carry a phone that every other carrier has already. This phone will be absolete by the time it comes out. Well done Verizon, if it wasnt for their good coverage here in the states I'm sure alot more people would rather be elsewhere. Sad… really is.

  • George

    I am up for a new every two with Verizon March 26th, if they don't announce either the Incredible or Nexus One release date, I am going to be looking into other providers as I am tired of waiting for a good smart phone from them.

  • Jed

    I've been waiting for the announcement from Verizon that the Nexus One is available but if there isn't a subsidized pricing plan, I'll keep waiting. I don't need the phone to be unlocked. I'm happy with Verizon for another two years and if I travel internationally, so be it, I'll do without the service for the time I'm gone. I'd really love to see the htc Desire on the Verizon network – let's get that, Big Red.

  • Fuzzy

    Verizon better announce the Nexus One launch by close of business today on the last day of CTIA or a lot of people will be switching to Sprint ot T-Mobile. I know I will be switching for sure. I am tired of waiting.