New iPhone 4G, iPad and iMac 2010, and The U.S Army

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that the U.S Army may be supplied with specially designed handheld devices by Apple, for use on the frontline during duty.

As reported from Apple Insider, commanding general with Research, Development and Engineering Command, Maj. Gen. Nick Justice, visited Apple headquarters at the start of this month, to discuss the upcoming iPad tablet, as well as future ideas that Apple has in place.

It is thought that the U.S Army are keen to experiment with future versions of the iPhone, iPad, iMac as well as MacBook computers.

In the past, the Army has used custom iPods to translate Iraqi on the spot, while Macs have also been used for counter-hacking, along with other Apple hardware for video surveillance.

Will Apple be designing a modified version of the iPhone 4G for the Army this Summer? Let us know your thoughts on this. More details through the link.

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  • Matt S

    No I do not think so. I mean it is hard enough using other things to communicate. Apple would have to put up another satelite and they would be losing a lot of money.