MW2: Official Stimulus Map Pack Trailer Hits Xbox Live

By Jamie Pert - Mar 25, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article which finally showed readers the official trailer for the Stimulus Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2, the trailer has now hit Xbox Live.

If you missed the trailer video yesterday you can see it at the end of this post, alternatively you can add the Stimulus Package Trailer (HD) trailer to your 360’s download queue here, the download is just 54MB.

I must say the trailer helps build the hype for the map pack even more, and I will not think twice of buying the DLC when it launches on Xbox Live on March 30th for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Remember you can check out the trailer below.

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  • Cargo Chin

    The best selling game is starcraft… And mw2 does suck compared to cod4-cod2

  • nathan browne

    whens it cumim ou on ps3?

  • CallOfDuty_Is_A_Joke

    All the fanboys of both CoD and 360 will bum this 1st thing,its the most pathetic and overrated game that has ever been released.Based there whole image off of Medal Of Honour and then Battlefield 1942 afterwards,they've continued this rip off trend to this day.MW2 has Bad Companys sniper airstrike (Predators),Army Of Two's shotgun on the assaults,Call Of Juarezs akimbo,MAG's Commando and commando pro (it was announced long before MW2 was even confirmed) and Infinity Wards lack of creativity meant we received a shitter version of WaW's co op mode.
    I'll be sticking to Bad Company 2,MAG,Killzone 2 and when its released MoH 2010,Call of Duty sucks.

    • killing999beers

      dude you just named all those games in one game and it has more but it sucks! I think you suck and cant deal with the COD is based on what we want in a game. 'you have no skill ' COD is on its way of being the best selling game ever more so then HALO so get a clue DUDE! stop the maddness ' tard '

    • lolz

      Kid get the fuck out of here, dont even comment if ur gunna rip on the game, This series of games that you say of is all made into 1 game.. even better? so stfu and go play atari queer.