Modern Warfare 2: Official promo for Stimulus Map Pack released

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

We have a double helping for Modern Warfare 2 fans today, as only hours since we revealed solid video footage of the upcoming Stimulus Map Pack, Infinity Ward has just released the official promo video for the map pack.

As reported from VG247, the video gives you another good look at the five maps in question. Just to refresh your memory once more, these are Bailout, Storm, Salvage – and the two Cod4 maps in Crash and Overgrown.

They all look pretty good too. It’s been so long since COD4 anyway, so we’re sure you’ll still enjoy their creation using the MW2 engine.

Will you be picking up the pack on March 30th? Video is below.

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  • Paul

    Get BFBC2 then you wouldnt have this problem, plus you'll be getting a better game. Simples.

  • MW2 best multiplayer

    agreed why do we have to pay for old maps we already payed 60 bucks for? i owned COD4 why couldnt they manage a way to make it free or something im angry 15 bucks for 3 new maps n 2 old ones sadday.

    • tyrytt


  • alex

    wow what a surprise.

    IW releasing old content.


    • tyrytt

      well done