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iPhone Hacked: How can 4G prevent future hacks?

Some breaking Apple news to bring you now, as it has been reported that two hackers have managed to gain access to the entire SMS database on the iPhone. The worrying thing is, it takes around 20 seconds to execute and allows users to view and re-upload messages that have ‘already’ been deleted.

According to this report over at BGR, the hack also allows you to gain control of a user’s email, photos, address book, as well as music.

How on earth did this happen you ask? Well apparently, once the iPhone visits an unnamed ‘infected’ website, it then takes 20 seconds after this to unlock access to all of your vital data.

The good news is though, the hackers have reported this to Apple, so they can investigate this further. However, it is pretty worrying to think that a simple hack could expose all your personal details like that – especially with the expected announcement of the iPhone 4G this Summer.

It now looks like another patch update will have to be made to the iPhone OS. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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