iPhone 4G: Verizon release more likely than AT&T or Sprint

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2010

If you are thinking of picking up the next generation of the iPhone (4G), we have a very interesting article for you to check out, which explains why Apple may have to move away from AT&T to another carrier such as Verizon.

The article is from iPhoneGamerBlog, which mentions the particularly worrying fact for current iPhone owners, that AT&T could still be a few years away from rolling out their 4G LTE network plans.

They think that the timing of the announcement for the next iPhone, will happen depending on the situation regarding Verizon’s own plans to roll out their 4G LTE network.

I think it is a safe bet to say that the next iPhone will be out either this year or next. Will Apple really want to release their prized possession on a network that is still working on their 3G let alone 4G network?

The obvious choice for Apple would be for the company to move to another carrier, but again – it all depends on Verizon.

Have a read of the article in full above, then let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • dasfadsf

    I hope Apple just allows more networks because I have discounts on At&t and I just want it to also allow Verizon but not cancel At&t…

  • Gin

    The iPad is not tied to ATT. It is coming with a sim slot…stay tuned!

    • adsfsdgf

      You can't change it unless you unblock it, my friend uses his 3GS on Verizon

      • Danny

        No he doesn't. Why does no one understand this? Verizon and AT&T are in NO way REMOTELY compatible. He may use it on T-Mobile, but NOT Big Red. Capishe?

  • ben

    It seems to me that even if apple switches to verizon their network will be slow as can be becasue the influx of smart phones in the marketplace. Do any of the big three mobil companies have a strong enough network for the future?

    • danny

      … Verizon is launching their 4G network that when under load will still have 5-12 Mbps throughput. So, Yes. AT&T's crappy 3G is "fast" when no one is on it but nothing like LTE and AT&T is forever away from launching theirs when Verizon is rolling it this year…

  • David

    Apple is going to buy Sprint and launch on their 4G network.

  • Chris

    Why would Apple have started up a new contract with AT&T (re: iPad) if they're planning on switching over to Verizon? Seems like iPhone users – myself include – will be stuck with AT&T for the next few years.