iPad WSJ subscription price compared to print version

By Peter Chubb - Mar 25, 2010

The Apple iPad will be shipping in little over a week, the waters seem calm at the moment on the iPad front – this has something to do with CTIA 2010. However once this show wraps up, it will be all about the tablet device again. We did learn the other day that Apple had secured more book publishers for its iPad

While looking around for some of the latest news on the iPad, Engadget came across an article on WSJ – they commented on how boring the content was, that is until to came to pricing details for the Wall Street Journal iPad subscriptions compared to the print version.

The price that WSJ will charge for iPad subscribers will be $17.99 per month; this is compared to $349 for 52 weeks, which works out at $29 per month for the print version.

So you have to ask yourself, will the new tablet be able to tear you away from feeling and smelling the paper while you read it in the morning? The other thing you have to remember, you will not get upset if you get your newspaper wet.

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  • Edword Anglais

    WSJ paper may have a list price of $349 for 52 weeks, but most people like me pay $99 for 52 week, 6 day home or office delivery. WSJ is aggressively discounted.

    • Frank Pierson

      I, too, have had the $99 sub for past year, $140 something with Online, a promotion, now ending. I won't continue with their regular price. What's the trick to continuing as is? Thanks