Incredible and Verizon Nexus One Delay: Carrier of HTC?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 25, 2010

Both the Nexus One and the Incredible were no shows at CTIA 2010 – this has got us thinking, is the carrier at fault or HTC – the manufacturer? Let us not jump ahead too quickly, there is still one day left at the event – but I would not hold my breath on an announcement.

The Nexus One has already been available to us since the start of the year on T-Mobile and AT&T via Google – we are just waiting on Verizon now. SoftSailer has learned from a source that this handset will be released next week – let us hope that their tipster is correct.

There have been a number of comments regarding the delays launches of these handsets, with most saying that they put the blame on Verizon and how they demand so much control – that is an opinion certainly up for discussion, as this is rumored to be one of the reason why the carrier is still fighting to get the Apple iPhone.

If HTC or Verizon delay either of these smartphones too much longer – then their future sales could seriously be affected by the upcoming EVO 4G on Sprint and the iPhone 4G.

Who do you think is to blame for the delayed release of the HTC Incredible and Verizon Nexus One?

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  • cass

    Gan04: I thin that's the main reason as well.
    Apple filed an injunction to prevent the importation of any new HTC devices until some of the lawsuit is cleared up. THe sad thing is if it doesn't get cleared up and Apple wins the lawsuit a lot of HTC phones that were hoping to go to carriers that aren't AT&T and that would possibly compete with the iPhone will be stuck somewhere between here and Taiwan.

    Verizon can't really do anything to speed up a legal dispute though even if it is costing them a lot of money by not being able to release a heavily marketed phone.

  • I'm not sure we can blame Verizon or HTC. Oddly enough I think we have to blame Apple for the product delay. I'm sure their lawsuit against HTC for violating "their" patents isn't helping matters much. I'm not an attorney but I am a businessman. From a profitability standpoint, if Verizon markets the Nexus one and Incredible as intensley as they marketed the droid and the courts rule that HTC violated Apple's patents, Verizon could lose some serious money on the deal. Maybe Verizon is being cautious with their money?

    Erik definitely has a good point… it also could be that Verizon is trying to sell every last Droid to make back all the money they spent to market the damn thing.

    Hopefully this gets resolved soon…

  • blackdognorth

    So much love for Verizon…brings a little tear to my eye.

  • vzwpissedoff

    Scott: it says no such thing on the google website, its STILL says coming soon.

    I started with VZW in 1996 and since then I’ve tried every other carrier out there mainly because VZW never carries a cool phone. I finally settled on VZW because dealing with bad service on my cool phone just became unbearable not to mention awful customer service (AT&T). Now I’ve had VZW for a long time and I was satisfied with the Blackberry (even though cooler models were available on other carriers) but now my contract is up and I WANT MY iPHONE!!! But because it doesn’t look like its coming to VZW anytime soon, I was holding out for either the Incredible or the N1 because what’s the point of having a cool phone if it DOESN’T FREAKIN WORK!! BUT! Now that Sprint has the ability to super power the iPhone with its new wimax service, Verizon may see me finally say bye bye for good.

    Damn you Verizon!!!!!! Get with the program and release a good phone!!

  • scott

    look at coming soon verizon
    the nexus one will be available next week for 199.99

    verizon iphone in september.
    dont go to att they suck

  • GT-GO-UM-Tigers

    I am beginning to get my head turned in he direction of AT&T and the 4G

  • JP

    It doesn’t matter who is at fault, it just better come out soon. If the iphone 4G comes out before these phones, I may have to make the switch to AT&T. I would rather not, so I hope the phones come out next week.

  • nw footie

    my vote is on verizon else why are they usually the last company to get any phone. this is just another episode in a long running series.

    common verizon when will you learn…

  • Erik

    It's so obvious what's going on here. No one seems to get it. Wake up everyone – Verizon is deliberately delaying the N1 and Incredible until the end of March, and also deliberately keeping silent about both. WHY? Because they spent millions in marketing on the Droid and Eris, and have a buy one, get one free promotion that ends next Wednesday. There's even a count down clock on their website. SO, they're trying to unload as much old stock as possible before announcing anything new, or they risk people holding off for the better device (most normal people don't have a clue about what's coming – just what's in stores). First week in April will bring "sudden announcements" from Verizon. It's all about money, folks. Verizon could care less about customer satisfaction.

    • winsome

      Exactly! How hard is that to figure out, eh?

  • JJIC

    I hate to say it but waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone pissed me off. Yes Verizon is much, much better than ATT, but ATT had what I wanted and I wanted the iPhone bad. The phone is 'incredible, I love it. My sister asked me what I disliked about the iPhone, I really had to think hard about it…where the Send button is located. I also told her if the N1 or Incredible is as good as the iPhone, bye-bye iPhone.

    I travel to my farm in KS quite a bit, my iPhone flat lines while my Voyager is a stud! If Verizon doesn't quit fuck'n around I know a lot of people who are going to do the same thing I did: get the iPhone.

  • Daniel

    Maybe Verizon wanted to use CTIA to get publicity for its 4G and Skype than for its new phones that everyone knows about and it waiting eagerly for anyway. For myself, my contract with Verizon expired in February, and I’m one of those eagerly awaiting the N1 or the Incredible, and whether they announce it at the CTIA or next week, I’m still going to buy it. It may be a wise move on Verizon’s not to compete with all the other announcements at CTIA and wait until they have a clearer news field in which to announce these phone.

    Then again, they could announce it tomorrow…

  • Eric

    I have had Verizon for numerous years and had always defended their service as I have had other carriers but at this point Verizon is loosing another one! I would like to see the Nexus One but I think it's safe to say they are passing it up just like the Iphone……piss-poor management!

  • Rick

    I think Verizon should at least let their users know they are looking at current technology vs. putting gag orders on all their associates and preventing them from saying anything about upcoming phones. Many people are trying to plan their smartphone strategies and with NO word from VZW about up coming phones, users have no choice but to look elsewhere for current/future technologies.

    VZW seems to only be concerned with their network, but not with the desires of their customers (evident with Android 2.1 OTA NOT). With the announcement of the HTC EVO, Dell Aero, HTC Desire, HTC HD2 along with 2 or 3 other AT&T phones, Verizon announces the LG Cosmos (really?) oh and Skype too (wonderful)… Where's the beef?!?!?

    I'm looking for a current technology Android smartphone, what is so hard about announcing the Nexus One or HTC Incredible with an ETA of X? Does Verizon think that if they don't say anything about these phones, the competition won't know their plans? Ok VZW, keep your head in the sand and we'll all wait patiently for whatever you deem fit for our needs or not.

    • Mac

      That's just the thing, they know we will wait. They know at this point they have the best coverage and that's really what keeps people. They worked on what most people said they chose their network based on and that is service. If you have crappy service but a great phone you are going to piss and moan and go back to VZW soon as they get the phone you want. They were smart about it and that's why we are all sitting waiting at their mercy.

  • StonedOne

    I don't see HTC being at fault here. They are always prompt to deliver. The N1 didn't take long to hit the maret and verizon could have hopped on board and sold it too. Better yet, verizon could make their network availible to unlocked phones. But they chose not to. HTC released the TP2 and it took vzw almost a year to sell it. They had to figure out how to lock out some features 1st to make sure you're not too "free".

  • Brandon

    Well I think I've finally decided to upgrade from my LG Dare. I decided to hold off from the Droid because of bigger and better phones rumored to be coming out. I'm still torn between the N1 and the Incredible though. When and if these two phones ever come out.

  • Craig

    How can anyone think it's HTC? Every other network under the sun doesn't have this problem. The people at Verizon who are responsible for staying relevant and on the edge with phone technology should be whipped. – Seriously, they suck! They have missed countless big opportunities in the 10 years I've been with them. We need more people like those that have managed the development of their network. – You guys rock!

  • The fact that the HTC Evo (f/k/a Supersonic) has been released on an inferior network (I'm a former Sprint customer of many years and many phones) should not affect Verizon's customer base in any way. "Should," I say…however, I certainly know better. The fixation on bigger, newer, shinier is too intoxicating for most electronics junkies. That is a shame.

    I am holding out for the HTC Incredible or the Nexus One on VZW's network, as the network is the key to my peace of mind and ability to use [whatever device] in peace. I say, enough of the fanboy-ism, just give me a great device on a great network.

  • Steel

    Agreed. Verizon knows how to build towers but they suck at gauging what the public wants when it comes to devices. It's practically the only reliable carrier in my area and even I'm starting to look at going elsewhere to get a modern phone.

  • Zaggs

    What control does Verizon try to exert now adays? When I had a Droid for two weeks the only Verizon thing on there was visual voicemail and a Verizon header in the app market. The Eris is the same way. Outside of those things what control did they exert? If its Verizon's fault it would have more to do with them finding fault with the phone.

    • Euclid

      Zaggs, I completely agree with you. I wish Verizon would have been so strict with the testing of the Blackberry Storm. I bought into all the hype of the phone and now I have to wait until a decent Android phone comes out. The Droid is a over-hyped ugly Motorola brick and the Devour is a cheap knock off of the Droid with Motoblur. When will Verizon get off their high and mighty duffs and get competitive with their phones.

  • David

    Verizon is not selling the N1 though so how can they cause a delay on a phone that they don't sell?

    • I dunno, maybe they've demanded a spanking-new icon for that Visual Voicemail app. Ha. Either way, it's just more fun and (given their history of delays) more likely correct to blame them. Still a loyal VZW customer … until it no longer makes sense to be one.

  • Middle Aged Man

    My money is on Verizon. These two phones should be no-brainers. The Verizon N1 was announced over two months ago.