HTC Incredible is better than Verizon Nexus One

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

It is fair to say that quite a lot of you are upset over the lack of news regarding the Verizon Nexus One at CTIA 2010, but we have a few reasons why another Verizon phone, the HTC Incredible is the better option.

In this current day and age, the camera is an all-important spec of any smartphone released in 2010. All of you are going crazy for the Nexus One, but it is actually the HTC Incredible that packs a better 8 Megapixel camera, compared to the Nexus One’s 5 megapixel.

The Incredible will also provide you with 6GB of Flash memory, compared to the somewhat tiny 512MB that you’ll get on the Nexus One.

These are a few factors which you should definitely take into consideration if you are thinking of getting a new handset on Verizon. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Dave

    Dropped Verizon last december and went with T-mobile. Nexus one works great for me and I save $50 a month over Verizon. Never looked back. Verizon is just too slow with new phones and charges too much.

  • coolfx35

    Now that HTC Incredible is coming out I think it may change everything. I've always made compromises when buying a new phone. I'll get something I like but not the one I love, just to save money. Then I quickly tire of having an already out-dated device. Technology is almost impossible to keep up with. No matter what you get today it will be an inferior device in only a matter of months (sometimes not even that). But I've been thinking, if I'm going to spend the money on a device that I will be stuck with for the next two years, I might as well buy the one I absolutely love. I might as well buy the best one I can right now.

    Of course I'm still just waiting and crossing my fingers for the unveiling of the cost of the device. The ONLY deciding factor in this, for me, would be the cost of the device and if the cost of the service would be any different than the plans Verizon currently offers.
    http://www.HTC-Incredible is dedicated to HTC Incredible, check it out folks.

  • DAC

    Sorry, I still want a phone more like the Nexus One. It's Google's official phone, it has a dock (making both charging and playing MP3's on your home receiver easy), and it looks a hell of a lot better than that "elephant-man-like" Incredible (I'm referring to that stupid bumpy back).

  • lorenzo

    I talked to a verizon rep yesterday and they said that they were waiting on google to release it. Also asked about Incredible in which he said would be out next month. He was probably pulling that out of his ass though. Google needs to hurry the f up they are losing so much in sales by the more they wait.

  • VZWfanboy

    OMG I need a new phone NOW!! Where is my new phone, Verizon? If I can't get a new phone soon I am just going to stomp my feet, leave Verizon and get a really cool phone that drops every call and cant access the web or email anywhere I go….LOL. 1. We are kept in the dark because if VZW released device info months in advance it would give the competition a chance to counter. 2. VZW takes an extra long time to completely test all new devices run optimally on their network . 3. N1 release – TBD, HTC Inc – seen one in person, Iphone – Wall Street Journal rumor, LTE – 2010 for data cards/2011 for phones. 4. people need to chill and enjoy being able to USE their current phone….better ones are coming.

  • Gjbby

    hmmm I find these disses while looking for a nice N1 club.

    Where are they?

    Not expecting to come to an N1 forum and read that people are talking about how much they would rather have those other phones

    Well I like my N1, and prefer it to the later ones (Phones) that are about to arrive.

    Why!? It's still very powerful, and I purchased it early during the year, if you know where I'm going with this.

    I purchased twin N1's

    And considering every so many years I get a new phone. Same is said about my PCs.
    Even if I did wait to get the EVO, Incredible, or Desire, or what's-next, another seemingly better what's-next, will be about to make an appearance.

  • Noosic

    This is insane. Google, Verizon and HTC have been dangling the proverbial carrot in front of us for MONTHS. I am about to leave Verizon and go to AT+T despite their poor network and get an iPhone because I am tired of the GAMES and I don't mean the kind you play with a friend.

  • Bryan

    Same thing here, my contract was up on 3/26. I'm going to wait it out by going month to month and if whichever comes first the N1 or HTC phone on Vz or iPhone4 thats the one I'll choose.

  • Jim

    Leave it to Verizon to disappoint their costumers again and not deliver a smartphone that at least up to speed with the rest of the market. Im up for a new phone and considering going back to AT&T

  • VZW

    You people are idiots. Verizon has nothing to do about the Nexus one. They will not sell it, only Google will. AT&T is not selling it, Google made one that supports there network (which is the same as Rogers, Bell, and Telus in Canada). People are not leaving Verizon for better phones. The Motorola Droid is the BEST Android phone out right now. AT&T has a horrible Android phone. The Backflip was striped of Google and Yahoo was added. Verizon released a new Android phone today, too.


    If i have to wait any longer for the greatest technology, I can also wait and just change carriers. Apparently, Verizon isn't getting all the newest phones.

  • mike

    i totally agree. get your shit out or im gone

  • Scott

    Verizon seems to be missing an important factor here, people choose their network based on handsets. If it were the network alone then AT&T would have gone out of business instantly with their dropped calls and poor reception with 3G iPhones… but people are willing to accept a poor network in exchange for an awesome phone. Verizon, get your phones to the market because people are leaving for less reliable networks but better phones. Might sound like tough luck for us, but its your bottom line that's running lower.

  • Piercon

    Good point Jim, I've already been checking coverage maps.

    • doom22

      i broke my droid and now ive been checking maps too, and they all suck compared to verizon. so even though im phoneless at the moment, ill wait until the incredible or the nexus comes out, so that i dont have to buy another droid and want to updgrade within a few weeks.

  • lolo

    If you were Verizon, why would you set time lines and dates when people would just wait to buy the particular model. All the stores would be overstocked with phones that they wouldn't be able to sell because nobody wants them. I am a loyal customer but I am also getting tired of waiting. I still have a month before I'm eligible for an upgrade but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the N1 will be available. I am mostly interested in the flash capabilities and with the 1 GHZ and snapdragon's ability to deliver great performance.

  • Jim

    As I have stated on another thread, Verizon is walking on thin ice concerning a lot of their customers. Their network is awesome but what good does that do when they are behind the curve on the latest and greatest. It's technology. We are technology addicts or we wouldn't be here on this site. We go where our cravings are met. The other networks are catching up with coverage. Is the V for victory or vapid? As I see it I'm tired of being led by a carrot that takes me nowhere and they are going to lose their base.

  • EthanNation

    Seriously Verizon. I don't know what the heck is going on, but it doesn't seem right to keep you long-time loyal customers in the dark when the iPhone, EVO 4G, etc. call with their Siren Song to lure me to another carrier. I've been a loyal Big Red customer for 9 years and I think it's a big mistake to keep throwing commercials about $49 Droids and BOGO BBs at us.

    Bring on the BLING! I want an HTC Incredible!

    BTW – what do you all think Verizon will call the Incredible? The Droid Incredible? That would be lame… and too long. Obviously I should not quit my day job for a new career in handset naming.

  • yeah this is insane. they need to make more concise and clear release dates… in advance!!!!

  • Guest

    I don't like the Incredible, too bulky, looks weird. The nexus one is simple and elegant and just the right size. And its the first start of standardization. I would love to Android get some sort of organization and standardization as far as the OS, apps, connection and form factor go.

  • nw footie

    shit id be happy with almost anything now. i dont think well get either in our life time. verizon is so far out of touch with there customer base it is getting comical. i stopped holding my breathe for anything. it looks like only at&t gets it when getting the latest and greatest devices in a reasonable amount of time. its funny how much money you can make on service contracts when people actually want to use there phones. can someone please explain how at&t trumped verizon in the android market in less than a years time.

  • Jim Cosenza

    Another day goes by and I feel like the kid who was chosen last to play dodgeball in school. It seem like every other carrier gets picked first and that uncomfortable feeling of being last picked is here again. What are the powers to be at Verizon doing. Can we have the latest and greatest first for once? The was never even talkes of AT&T getting Nexus One and they got it before us. Frustrated it an under statement…..

    • Megan


  • Fonzie

    If you are upset of Sprint getting the HTC EVO with 4G/3G capabilities and not Verizon… well that may be because Verizon does not have a 4G network… maybe mid/late next year once LTE is rolled out they will have the HTC EVO or something similar. But I do agree the HTC Incredible would be a superior 3G phone compared to the Nexus One.

  • Eric

    The N1 would still be my choice, because:

    1) All of the new, high-end phones are running at 1 GHz. Why the hell do I want a new phone downclocked to 700+ MHz?

    2) I want Android updates as they're released, not when HTC finally gets around to updating Sense UI.

    With all of that said, I'll be sticking with my rooted, overclocked Droid for a while.

  • UBChain

    Interesting article and date. Today is the 24th in all US time zones and this article was written on the 25th? It's amazing how someone can pass off no news whatsoever as news and post date it.

    Those are my thoughts.

    • mb7701

      Completely agree. all these blogs and tech sites are pulling these rumors about these 2 phones out of nowhere. i wouldn’t bet a penny on half the specs or dates discussed in here to be remotely true. I am just as anxious as everyone else for one of these to finally hit Verizon. hence I’ve been looking for news all over the last few days and its just a circle of the same few tidbits on every site.. and its all just wrong.

      • A_B

        I've run into several sites claiming The Incredible is the Nexus One. It's just horrible. Too me, it doesn't matter. I'm waiting until Big V gets something nice (ie Nexus One). I've rarely had an issue with the service, and when I have they've more or less been all over it.

  • UmFromUmbridge

    really…what does it matter? who knows if it will even be actually released on verizon?!LOL Phones to be released on verizon are pretty much a joke at this point.
    Verizon was said to get the Nexus one this month. Didn't happen, I even went to a verizon store to ask them and they said yes and oh look no nexus one in the stores. Verizon is also "supposed" to be getting the iphone. Then it's said that they're not now they're saying they're waiting for the new 4g one to be released to verizon by summer…that'll happen when pigs fly.
    I've lost any faith I had in verizon phone.
    I think verizon phones are a joke at this point, sure the service is great but the phone selection is dated and limited at best.

  • The Incredible sounds great, but I hope it has the noise cancellation microphone
    that the Nexus One has.

  • gmac

    HTC Incredible coming in NOVEMBER?!!!

    HTC is strengthening partnerships too. The company will introduce an Android phone on Verizon later this year, Chou confirmed. He says the handset, which will likely debut in the first week of November, is a sign of HTC's growing rapport with Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless operator. "We've worked with Verizon for several years, but this is the first time we've been elevated to the role of core supplier," he says. "We are very excited about that opportunity."

    • Aaron

      That was written last year before November of last year.

  • Flippy

    I am sick of rumors, can they just get these phones out already!

  • Matt

    Personally, I Prefer completely free software.

  • Droid-Guest

    "slow upgrades from HTC because of sense UI"

    The Droid is really close to stock android, and the 2.1 update for the Droid Eris by HTC may be out at the same time as the Droid's is. The Nexus One may be faster, since Google has full control of it though.

    • doom

      yeah but thats the upgrade to 2.1. the g1 will get a 2.1 upgrade too, the htc sense however is still on 1.5 at the moment while even the g1 has been at 1.6 for moths and months.

  • asdf

    this is shoddy reporting…why is this even here? The MP doesn't make a camera, and why in the world do we need an eight MP camera? The appeal of the Nexus one at this point is more about the company distributing it and what they're trying to do than the shiny features.

  • Jay

    I am getting tired of all this… Verizon, get off the phone and get the new phones out to your customers. We have waited long enough!!!

  • Tommy

    Does the Incredible have a noise canceling microphone like the nexus? a gps navigation built to google maps? better software updates? Touch screen navigation buttons?
    More screen than faceplate ?Anyway to me Nexus one looks a lot more sleek than the incredible..

  • Brennschluss

    We Verizon subscribers are upset over the lack of any news! We're not, however, surprised. Verizon has cornered the market on handset ennui. The y should be headquartered in Newark Delaware, whcih bills itself as the mushroom capital of the US. This because they treat their subscribers the way mushroom farmers treat their crop; kept in the dark and given s***!

    We'd love the Nexus one, promised months ago. The HTC Incredible, rumored to be released yesterday, will probably hit the market only after nine newer and better handsets from HTC are released by other carriers. Of course the new Sprint HTC Supersonic, rumored only, months after the shots of the Incredible were on the web, is announced and is clearly superior to the Nexus one or the HTC Incredible. So before the new phone comes out from Verizon, it's already down one by comparison. So what else is new?

    • Dave

      Best comment possible. Well said.

      • Android101

        I agree! Where the hell is the Incredible or Nexus One?? Something, anything HELP!! I am ready to purchase a new phone, but my patience is running thin!!

    • Sembazuru

      Yeah, I'm late to comment by a week, but Newark, DE is _NOT_ the mushroom capitol of the world (and therefor the US). Kennett Square, PA is. (Only about 20 minutes away, but definitely in a different state.)

  • Joe

    Definitely stoked for the Incredible whenever it finally comes out…..The only real downside is the slow upgrades from HTC because of sense UI….

  • Kevin

    The Incredible would be the way to go, it is speculated to have the same specs as the n1 and the 8 mpix camera and supposed 720p HD video is just icing on the proverbial cake. It may be underclocked to 760Mhz but in the end my guess is the battery life you save will be well worth it. If the Incredible rumor turns out to be true it could give the EVO 4g a run for it's money….assuming the incredible has HDMI out.

    • Jeremy

      its got nothing on the EVO, 1 Ghz cpu, 4.3" screen, wimax, 2 cameras. Evo is the top then n1/desire/incredible then hero/legend/etc.