Boat Made of Plastic Bottles: Twitter Updates

By Peter Chubb - Mar 25, 2010

David De Rothschild and his crew set sail on a boat made from plastic bottles a few days ago, and he has already started to offer Twitter updates on his journey. It has taken 12,000 bottles to make the boat, and is sailing from San Francisco to Sydney.

The reason why they have set sail on this mission is to help make people more aware about pollution on the world’s oceans. This is a great message – how many plastic bottles have you seen floating in the sea and then washed up on our beaches?

The journey covers 11,000 nautical miles and will take in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. For those who do not know – this is sea waste that is five times larger than the UK. It is said that four out of five plastic bottles will end up there.

The 12,000 bottles used to make the watercraft are filled with carbon dioxide – making it more buoyant and durable for its voyage. For those who wonder how they are able to update their Twitter, the crew has an exercise bike onboard – supplying power for the laptops. For more details visit BBC News or follow David de Rothschild on Twitter

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