Apple iPhone 4G: Beats Verizon Nexus One in touchscreen war

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

A recent analysis on touchscreen reponsiveness with the latest smartphones on the market, has concluded that the touchscreen within the Apple iPhone performed best out of the group analysed.

As reported from Apple Insider, tests were performed by a laboratory robot using the SimpleDraw application under supervision by MOTO labs.

Handsets that were tested include the Motorola DROID, BlackBerry Storm2, Google Nexus One, Palm Pre and HTC Droid Eris. The iPhone performed best, while the Nexus One – soon to land on Verizon, came second.

The worst touchscreen was the DROID, as tests concluded that it had “significant waviness and stair-stepping.”

What are your thoughts on this? Either way, it is great news for potential iPhone 4G users, knowing that they are picking up a handset with the most accurate touchscreen on the market.

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  • Toasty1

    very weird how my post doesnt get approved… must have to much truth in it..

  • Toasty1

    why not do a test on something more meaning full… Im sure everyone in the world that owns a smart phone purchased it just so they can draw a diagram like this… and also everyones finger is 7mm in width/diameter. Yet another test devised to show a "strong point" for the iPhone bc everyones finally seeing the major weaknesses that it has as a "smart" phone or should I say app phone. The lines are so precise on the iphone because the phone re-renders the line while you draw it. basically it smoothes the line for you… do a test with a tip the size of someones finger and tes on more that the capability of drawing that line… because eevn the best artist cannot hold their hand still enough to duplicate what was drawn by a robot.

    • mac

      Toasty, pls stfu. You clearly do NOT know anything about touch-screens and such.

  • Gadget Girl

    The key words are 'Apple Insider' and 'laboratory robot'. Meaning, you bunch of numb nuts, that it is a gossip that leaked from Apple. Dear oh dear… Gadgets are wasted on you lot….

    • Asscobra

      The key words clearly say "A recent analysis … with the latest smartphones on the market". Lets compare a bunch of older phones to something that doesn't exist, how scientific.

  • DrCheap

    uhm. There is no iPhone 4g yet.

  • Slider

    it is exactly the opposite … the iPhone screen is the most "insensitive"…becasue it has a software correction to show all little variations in the monument as nonexistent 🙂

  • rohan

    iphone 4g?how did u test tht when there is no news about it at all?