Free Xbox Live Gold for Silver Members: Dates Announced

By Jamie Pert - Mar 24, 2010

If you have an Xbox 360 and have an Xbox Live Silver membership you may be glad to hear that Microsoft will be allowing Silver members free ‘Gold access’ from noon ET April 1st until noon ET April 5th.

This will enable silver members to play online multiplayer games and utilize services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix, Microsoft will probably be hoping that this will lead to more people signing up to a gold membership in the future.

I must say as soon as a silver member gets to play Bad Company 2 or MW2 online they will probably be keen to purchase a gold membership, therefore it is pretty good marketing from Microsoft.

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Sting_Chameleon

    IS it possible to use Microsoft points for gold membership? That seems irregular to me…

  • jose

    my xbox account got glitched and got 1600 microsoft points. i don't know why but i was glad. and now microsoft took my points and gave me a month free. that was freaking sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe biden. loljk


  • so my gold expired the other day does that mean i casn have gold for a few days for free? and if thats a a yes how do i do it ? just log onto x box as normal??

  • Rosey

    is the gold membership for all users on your xbox 360 or do you have to buy seperate memberships for each account?

    • mimi

      you have to buy separate gold membership for each account

  • Antilo2000

    Am glad to hear this, I've had my 360 since Christmas 09 and always had a silver account. Can't wait to play online in April. Thanks for the heads up =)

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  • Adam

    Isn't this right in-line with MW2's double-XP weekend, as well?
    Pretty clever.