Xbox 360 Game Room: Initial Problems Resolved – Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Mar 24, 2010

As you may have already been aware the Xbox 360’s new Game Room launched today, however some users were experiencing problems loading games, it now seems as if all problems have now been resolved.

Three hours ago Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) who is the is the Director of Programming Xbox Live released this statement on his twitter page “Game Room is available for download, but there appears to be some problems with loading games. It’s being investigated”.

However approximately half an hour ago he tweeted this “I just talked to the Operation Center and they told me the Game Room issues have been fixed. Give it a try and have fun”.

We would appreciate our reader’s feedback to see if the Game Room’s problems have now been resolved, you can do this by filling out the simple poll below or by adding your comments below.

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  • its working for me fine now but i to be onist think it is stupid and it wont take off becouse microsoft could have made a realy good job of it and made it like psn home they have let me down like every other update they do

  • chip

    cant get to my dlc 001 and 002

  • Mike D

    I just finished downloading game room and pack 1 …I customized my arcade and then when you are in front of the arcade…you hit X to enter play mode…go over to the flat screen on the wall…..hit a to zoom then what….I can usually figure things out fairly quickly but I cant tell if its not loading them or I have to do something…any help would be greatly appreciated

  • shane

    im still having trouble, it wont load into the gameroom, the loading bar sticks