Verizon CTIA 2010: Nexus One and HTC Incredible – Where are they?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

As most of you will be aware, Verizon was ‘expected’ to announce and unveil the Nexus One smartphone at CTIA 2010, while at the same time, the HTC Incredible was also due to land on Verizon’s network. Neither handset did, so where are they?

At the moment, we are yet to hear anything from Verizon regarding both handsets, although we did hear a few details regarding the Verizon and Skype partnership which will be available soon.

Maybe Verizon didn’t want to share the limelight with HTC and the recently announced EVO 4G handset on Sprint today, so hopefully we will see both handsets unveiled during day two of CTIA.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed about the lack of news, or are you too excited about the Sprint EVO to bother?

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  • coolfx35

    Looking forward to the HTC Droid Incredible to replace my motorola droid, had a good run with the moto droid but the battery life just unbearable, it's very short and gets really hot at times, the phone crashes often. It's probably one of the heaviest phones out there to date. One good thing about it is the QWERTY Keyboard which i don't use often. Anyways, I want to get the Incredible as soon as Verizon releases, which I heard from that it's coming out April 29th, can't wait.

  • mike

    Springs network sucks, a powerful phone on a mediocre network equalls useless, ill wait for the incredible.

  • Ian Pasio

    Very disappointed. If Verizon doesn't get with it, I may change carriers.

  • JBlalock

    Was going to get a Droid. THEN saw the Nexus One and thought I'll wait for that. THEN saw the HTC Incredible and decided to wait on that. If they keep us waiting much longer they might lose sales on all of them because something better will come out while we wait.

  • Areohdee

    I have the droid over clocked, and running smooth rooted android 2.1-ghz… plus it comes with a cradle, car mount for gps, and protective case. Oh yeah, 16gb card not 4…. wait all you want nexus dreamers, DROID DOES!!!

  • RON G (Egor)

    I Agree. I've been with Verizon for years. They have great service , but they always to seem to find some way to offer lousy phones. At present I have the LG Touch, what a piece of crap it has to be the worst phone I'v ever owned. I bought iTouch's last year for my wife and I. We love them. Our Verizon contract is up the end of March. Maybe it's time to switch to AT&T. They have lousy coverage but at least the have decent phones.

  • Dave

    I am tired of VZW's weak phone line-up – it has always been bad! I am out of contract, and probably will nurse my Dare until the summer when I switch to the iPhone…I have used one for work, and it is much better than anything Verizon has. I am not in NYC or SF, so my coverage should be okay. Loyal VZW customer since '95, but enough is enough!

  • Rob

    I wanted to stick with Verizon, but after years and years of the same disappointment I think it's time to jump ship to a carrier that actually releases phones that people want. So tired of the same old crap from Verizon.

  • kiki

    Both google and verizon have made it clear that theyre getting the nexus,its just a matter of when.we know its in spring i dont see why so many people are disappointed,its coming out people just need to be patient.

  • Ken

    release the phones verizon!

  • Pedro

    fist of all i don't know why you all were excited. second why are you guys blaming verizon for not releasing the n1 on the 23rd? did verizon themselves say that they were releasing it then? sure they say a trusted verizon source said that it was going to be released but haven't you guys heard about rumors before and how most of them aren't true?
    now i was a little excited too because i have been wanting to upgrade from my shitty sway for a while now. i went to different stores to see if either of the n1 or the incredible were going to be released soon and they all said the same thing, that they hadn't been notified of any new phone but they are notified a week before a phone will be released. so that means that the release of either is at minimum a week away.

  • LegacyHax

    So I am confused… I can understand dissapointment about the Incredible, I have been excited as well and hoping it would make an appearance… but the Nexus One? There is a reason it will only be sold by Google, VZW will probably have a very small scope of support, therefore, network testing is probably not as difficult to pass as a VZW phone. So any gripes about the Nexus One are solely on Google, but, again, *raises hand* Let down by no news of the incredible Incredible…..

  • robert

    I think i too will hold out for the N1 and I to have also thought about just getting a unlocked one to use with like att with no contract I have and love my droid but enough is enough

  • StonedOne

    Ok, so you think iphone is better. Why? just because every 13-20 year old has one? You can only run 1 app at a time. Video quality sucks. Camera sucks. Cannot customize it at all. I mean cool if you like looking at icons and a cool blue background, but come on now. You can't play ANY other format of music except itoons. Apple controls every function of the iphone too. The iphone WAS revolutionary when it came out but nearly everything else is better now, and iphone has remained virtually unchanged. If anyone needs to "get with the program", it's apple. And adding to my point, you say, "As long as the coverage works where you are – what else matters"… well if you're 13 and never leave your home town, you're right. I, for one, have to travel all over the country and still need a phone.

  • KJK

    April 23rd. Just wait.

  • Brandon

    I hate this waiting to, but the last thing I would do is buy an iphone. A friend has one…actually a couple do. If you don't sync the thing up at least every other day with the computer; it COMPLETELY starts to fail. Then while you sync it doesn't ring nor does it let you know that you missed a call. A smartphone ehh? My brother has the droid and it is awesome. My renewal date is the 31st so I will probably wait til around the 5th or 6th and if there isn't any news I will most likely go with the droid.

    • Edward

      There is something seriously wrong with their iphones then because I have never had that experience with any of my iphones.

  • JoeJoe

    The iPhone is a superior phone than anything Verizon has to offer – period. They can step up their game – i mean every tom, dick, and harry has offered a new phone at the CTIA except big red. I mean even sprint has a much better phone and it is a hell of a lot cheaper that Verizon's plan.

    I think the haters need to look at the reality, the others may not have the same coverage, but they blow Big Red's selection out of the water. As long as the coverage works where you are – what else matters.

    • sendxmedic

      hate to admit it but couldnt have said it any bbetter

  • Jess

    Just bc you cant get your new htc phone youre gonna get an iphone? Ive had mine for over a year and i hate it more n more everyday(want n1 or incred). I really dislike atts service it just sux, but im stuck. What im tryin to say is DO NOT RUN TO ATT YOURE AN IDIOT IF YOU DO. wait for it or buy it outright and shut up im so sick of hearing this crap everyday from ppl that know nothing of the control apple puts on their products.

  • Marvin

    Don't know what verizon is thinking, but getting to point that maybe I should switch to A T & T. Either get the phone for your loyal customers or tell them to go some place else. I really hate the fact that when I speak to people at verizon, everyone acts like that never heard of the nexus one. I guess they don't pay much attention to what people want.

  • Marvin

    Don't know what verizon is thinking, but getting to point that maybe I should switch to A T & T. Either get the phone for your loyal customers or tell them to go some place else. I really hate the fact that when I speak to people at verizon, everyone acts like that never heard of the nexus one. I guess they don't pay much attention to what people want.

  • StonedOne

    It's no reason to get a lesser phone with lesser service. Pick from the phones that are currently availible. The droid eris or the moto droid are both better than the iphone and at&t service is good (where you actually have it) but verizons is better and it's damn near everywhere.The iphone is beyond outdated and frankly i'm tired of everyone comparing it to every phone on the market. It has NOTHING to offer that these other phones do. Only thng it has that they don't is itoons (at a steep price). Would you trade in your cadilac for a kia because cadi rumored the release of a new model and didn't come through?

  • Yeah, but paper is the only place the EVO exists. I mean, it won't be available to people until roughly the same time as the next iPhone. If Verizon announced that "we have the Incredible, and so can you this Saturday", they'd be the winner. Hype might keep Sprint afloat, but it doesn't sign contracts.

  • Tom B

    I waited and waited , broke down bought the Eris. Tired of all the waiting. Now I'm stuck for awhile. Wanted the Desire, but I guess Big Red isn't getting it!!

  • sadG

    IPHONE ALL THE WAY Thanks a lot Verizon

  • Dwane

    If the Nexus One or Incredible does not launch soon I will just have to go the IPHONE route, enough waiting on rumors already:-(

  • Eddie

    I was wanting the Nexus One or the Incredible. At this point, VZW has not made me a happy customer. I will drop my VZW service and go to AT&T for the iPhone, before I even think about the Droid.

  • JoeJoe

    I just don't get it. I just jumped ship from AT&T and purchased the Devour. To make a long story short – it looks cool but (i'm assuming) due to its aluminum casing, its reception kinda sucks.

    I returned the phone and was looking to get the Droid, but my problems with it are, Verizon was rumored to get a much better phone (N1, Incredible….) and it only runs 2.0 when 2.1 has been promised for a while.

    I as if the wait is just not worth it and I may go back to my iPhone (which was awesome) or maybe even venture over to Sprint for their HTC EVO.

    I would stick with big red only if i can get a better phone/OS. I mean i'm not picky – I'd even settle for the Droid Eris with 2.1, just give us something.

  • Dugasm

    Jim, I think you couldn't have stated it any better. In my area Verizon has the best coverage. All the others either don't work while i'm in my home or while i'm at work. Verizon service has been great at both. I've been a Verizon customer for a long time. I keep hearing these rumors and then they come and go and nothing to show for it. I could care less about the skype announcment. Verizon needs to get there heads out of being all about the money and give there loyal customers something to be excited about. Makes me entertain the idea of going with another provider just out of spite.

  • PDP-8

    If VZW doesn't roll out the N1 very soon, I'll jump to AT&T and get the June-July version of the iPhone. Can't see staying with a network that meters out the top technology when it pleases them, rather than when the customers want it.

  • StonedOne

    They "leak" info about a new product to the point that people just HAVE to buy it when it's released cause they've waited so long for it. The fact is (given vzw's history on this matter), the HTC incredible will probably not hit the market until after the holidays or maybe just before, depending on how they are trying to market their sales. When it does, prepare for disapointment as always. Me, I'm going to settle with something else. By the time i'm eligible for another upgrade, they phone will be availible and there will be enough reviews to make a logical decision on rather or not to commit to it for 2 years. Anyways, I hope this helps someone out there. I didn't type all this for nothing.

  • StonedOne

    The iphone is no longer any competition as far as functionality and personalization. The only thing it has is the trendiness that mostly teenagers are stil being sucked into. If you do any research at all, you'll find that a number of verizon phones blow the iphone out of the water. Unless of course you're hooked on itoons, but why. Wouldn't you rather have the versatility of mp3 etc.? as far as giving verizon more of my money, I have to anyways so… Let's face it, vzw has the best coverag anyways. It's just unfortunate that it comes at a much higher price and lack of service. In any case, verizon is the worst at informing about up and coming products. I don't know why they are always so hush hush, but I think they want to get you wanting something.

  • KJK

    Verizon is still having their buy-one-get-one sale on their 3G smart phones until the end of this month. They need to reduce their inventory of their current phones, and there is no way they would have the same deal for brand new phones, so expect to see the Incredible in April.

  • Adam

    I've been waiting for SOMETHING (iphone, nexus, incredible) to FINALLY come out on Verizon that's worth buying, and for that matter, worth staying on their network. I'm growing more and more frustrated w/ VZ's lack of up to the date phones…and by the time they do get them, they're 6-12 months old (see Blackberry Pearl, N1, etc).

  • Tim

    Something tells me that the new phones wont be introduced until they end their buy one get one free sale. On vzw's website there is a clock countdown. I dont see why they would release new phones until they can sell as many of the b1g1 they can. So I believe we have 7 more days left.

  • Penske

    Long time Version customer and I am disappointed too. I am tired of the poor smart phone selection with Verizon. If the other carriers can get these phones, Verizon needs to do whatever it takes to get them too. My Dare is on its last leg too. My contract is up in August. Big V has until then to get the N1, Incredible, or iphone. If not, I am gone to AT&T. Hope someone from Verizon reads these and does something about the poor selection….I am tired of it and going to vote with my wallet.

  • Jim

    I have to say I agree with all of you. Disappointment is a hard pill to swallow but it seems that every 'rumored' release date comes and goes. Verizon is totally poised to rule over the others all they have to do is be honest with their customers and keep them informed. All this keeping secret crap is just plain frustrating. I am actually considering suffering a lesser network for the sake of being done with waiting for a new phone.

  • Tyler

    What is Verizon thinking! People are dropping so fast to get the iphone. I mean sooner or later isn't that going to hurt! As, soon as you buy the Droid you are going to wish you hadn't because there will be something beastly out then.

  • Coleman

    Could be Verizon's way of boosting more Droid sales… but I'm also getting very tired of waiting. I still have my LG Voyager from the first day it came out and now I want nothing more than the N1. I don't want to pay 600 dollars for it either. I've been loyal to VZW since 2005 and this is testing my patience.

  • John

    Believe me I am NO Verizon fan, and I too am very disappointed by the "no show" of N1 or the Incredible. But keep in mind it's all about money. Verizon knows there are a ton of us out here who will change our tune the minute the announcements are made for these units. Very few of us will defect to AT&T or Sprint. I think Verizon's throttling their news by, as they did, introducing the Skype news. Next, they'll probably introduce the N1 within a day or 2, maybe even by the end of the CTIA show, and finally because they stand to not make as much $$$ as they would otherwise, they'll introduce the Incredible at some later date, maybe in the next week or 2.

  • waiting person

    I was so glad when the 2 year contract with my old provider ended….and now I'm still with them cause I have to wait for the N1 @Verizon. I've been waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

  • RyRy

    There will be something along in the next 6-9 months that is better than the N1, Incredible, EVO, HD2 anyway. Verizon 4G WP7S on HTC phone running Qualcomm Snapdragon 1500 mhz and 1gb Internal Memory is where its at. But, oh well, lets obsess over the short term "better than whats available now " phones.

    • Jeff

      Phones are just going to keep getting better and better – If you hold out for the best you'll never get one

  • biotite

    Well, seeing as how it’s not even 10 AM of Day 2, I think alot can happen. Yesterday was Sprint’s big announcement with HTC, why can’t today be? It’s not like it’s the final day and nothing’s been announced…

  • Yelp

    I am so disappointing if they don’t announce it in the next two day’s I’m gone been thinking about Iphone and at&t switch and if its not here in two days I’m not waiting any longer and will say bye Verizon.

  • STalalai

    I am really bummed. I was due for a new phone in February and have been holding out for either the Nexus One or the Incredible. I don’t like the look and feel of that big clunky Droid but I am dying for an Android 2.0 or higher phone. COME ON VERIZON!!!!!

  • godina

    Why not give a release date. If both devices are not ready for Verizon’s network, just let us know. This teasing that it’s going to be announced, that is coming next week, that the incredible should appear by the end of the month, it is ridiculous. I am getting to the point where if they don’t announce the release date, I might just wait for the WP7S. The wait is longer, but we’ve been waiting for the N1 or Incredible for months now.

  • I need the N1 to be announced. I’m almost going into a heroin addicts withdrawal waiting for that phone to become available.

    I bought an LG Dare two years ago because I didn’t want to leave Big V and it was the best phone available (Blackberry isn’t an option for me, it just makes me feel like I’m giving up on my youth).

    My Dare is on it’s last leg. I need a new phone…an N1……..hurry.

  • Patience Jim 🙂 CTIA lasts for three days remember, so there is still hope for everyone!

  • BoBoMcGheeGhee

    I seriously don't give a flip about the EVO. Sprint is bad anyways, their 4G coverage is almost available nowhere so to me it is all just for show. Though I am very disappointed about no news about the Nexus One. I am not getting a Droid, and I just don't like the look of the Incredible.

  • disappointed

    disappointed with the no news on the nexus…

    • annon

      Im about ready to climb on the Iphone boat!!!!

  • Scott

    Disappointed by Verizon again… story of my life…

  • Johnny

    This is truly disappointing… I have been waiting for this phone ever since it launched in January, along with the fact that I already bought my Invisible Shield which is now useless… Verizon HAS to step up their list of phones…

  • Sam

    Is the nexus one site not working for people. I'm clicking to buy the phone but it won't work… maybe they are updating it?

  • Chad

    I too am disappointed. I'll probably Droid up by the end of the month if Verizon fails to make the N1 available at 2-year contract pricing.

    • Rach in LA

      i agree- might have to go with the Droid! i’ve been waiting to upgrade from my blackberry and was looking forward to both the Nexus One or Incredible. Verizon you are losing speed!!