Toyota: Pedals and Full 2010 Recall Recap

Toyota has seen is brand go from one of the most respected in the auto industry, to one of the most hated. This is for a number of reasons, but the main one is to do with its gas pedals. The end of 2009 was when things started to go bad for the Japanese automaker, but 2010 has been even worse.

A day does not go by when something new about Toyota pops up, the latest is that those who own a Toyota vehicle on the recall list will now get a new pedal, but only those who are dissatisfied. The automaker is currently replacing only a part of the pedal, and not all of it, so make certain that you complain.

We also learned yesterday that the problem with the accelerator pedals was known by Toyota back in 2002, if this is true, this could have huge consequences for them. Because of this and the fact that shareholders were lied to, they are now considering suing Toyota.

Toyota knows that they need to mend many fences; they have already started to do this by offering customers a number of incentives. It is hoped that this will help to win the hearts of once loyal and new customers.

The biggest story has to be the fact that a current lawsuit could end up costing Toyota $3 billion, all over a small part on a gas pedal.



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