New pedals for dissatisfied Toyota Recall Owners

A report by the Associated Press states that Toyota has instructed its dealers to fit a replacement pedal for any of its recall owners that are dissatisfied with the current solution to its problem.

The fitment of a metal shim to the accelerator pedal is said to reduce friction and provide smoother travel hence alleviating the supposed sticky pedal issue. However with reportedly over 100 owner complaints regarding the pedals actions even after the dealership had fixed the problem, Toyota has given the go ahead to replace the entire pedal assembly at no charge to the owner.

Apparently the pedal replacement should only be offered after the above modification had been carried out and the customer is still unhappy with either the pedal operation or feel. The dealers are not allowed to grant pedal replacement unless the customer has specifically requested it.

Although it is still uncertain if vehicles such as the Prius are included in the replacement pedal process, AutoBlog has a list of vehicles involved. With Toyota forced to take actions like this to reduce their customer complaints, and with our recent report on previously known acceleration issues, what can the future possibly hold for the large car manufacturer?



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