New iPhone 2010 (4G): Should kids own expensive phones?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

As speculation continues to mount on the next generation iPhone, with the ongoing question being whether Apple release it this Summer or not, we have our own interesting debate to share with you now.

When discussing the iPhone with a friend recently, we came up on the subject about who is going to own one in his household. He told me, himself as well as his kid.

I thought nothing of it at the time, but then realised if this was such a good idea? The App store immediately came into my head, and all of the types of Apps that you wouldn’t want your kids to see.

With the obvious high price aside, should kids really be in possession of high-end smartphones? We want your thoughts on this.

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  • Annette

    My philosophy is, if you can afford it, why not? But having said that, first and foremost, parents much teach them to be responsible. I'm testing out the waters with inexpensive Net10 phones for my 9 and 10 yrs. old…let's see how they do?!

  • odb & tgrl

    My wife and I purchased our 11 and 8 year old iphones in aug of 09. In comparing regular cell phones to the iphone I made the executive decision to go ahead with the iphone for the kids. 8 months later and no regrets it keeps them occupied in the car anywhere we go it has all their music, photo capability, games, movies etc…… we do monitor the account and they have to come to us to buy apps or get music and with the parental settings on the phone or if necessary from at&t having the phone isnt really an issue. Also if they get out of line and we take it away its amazing how well they change their tune to get it back. Although our bill went up about 100 bucks instead of the 9.99 for each additional line for a regular phone we have not regreted the decision on the purchase… It has been a great purchase better than the laptops, xbox 360, and all the other expensive electronics kids have. This was a purchase they will not soon outgrow……

  • john

    I think kids in these times should be allowed to have an iphone, because it gives them access to information. Kids these days should have access to the internet, and retrain themselves on it.

  • Mikey

    I'm thinking that if I were thirteen again I might really enjoy the unfettered access to the internet! Hmmmm what might a typical 13 year old boy be interested in locking himself in the bathroom and watching on the internet? Portability is a grand thing! (sarcasm intended)

  • jesse

    I think this is no different than any other device that comes out. 10-20 years it might have been crazy for a 10year old to have their own laptop. Its great for young mind to learn new technology. Just make sure good parenting is done.

  • David Roberts

    You have to be old enough to have an account with a major credit card first of all. Second, the account is locked and you have to put in a password to download anything. That includes updates for apps already purchased. Lot of good apps for kids. My five year old plays with mine or my wifes alot. It not only stands up to the rigurous torture he dishes out but has learned alot by using such a device. As with all things it should be monitored, but with the right tools a child can develope quite quickly.