MotorStorm 3: More rumors on PS3 release, E3 anyone?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

We have some more rumors on the expected announcement of MotorStorm 3 on the Sony PS3 now, as we have an image to show you, which gives the strongest hint that the game is coming soon.

As reported from VG247, the news comes after Sony secured the domain for a while back, although they insisted that it didn’t mean anything at the time.

Yeah, sure – we believe you Sony! Skip forward to now though, and the image below shows an PS3 user playing a title known as: “Motorstorm 3: The First Playable”.

Does all this lead up to an official announcement at E3 2010? I definitely think so. Check out the image below and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Matt G

    It could easily be a photoshopped image, created by someone who wanted to stir this rumour more! I am a huge fan of the motorstorm series, but who would be careless enough to play a playable motorstorm demo when they can be seen on psn?