Motorola Droid: 2.1 in Hong Kong, still no Verizon update

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

It seems as if everyone, BUT Verizon customers are getting the Android 2.1 update now, as we can confirm that Milestone owners in Hong Kong have just received the update.

As reported from UberGizmo, we are still no closer to hearing when the update will finally be available for Verizon customers though.

While Hong Kong owners will surely be pleased with the news, Verizon owners must be pulling their hair out as they read about each region receiving the update except their own.

What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you tempted to jump ship to another phone?

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  • jman

    Jump ship? Why? I knew what I was paying for when I got my Droid. Updates will come in time. I have heard of new smart phones coming with duel core processors. 1.5 Ghz. I'll maybe upgrade later.

    • anotherdroidowner

      That'd be my take. Only way I'm "jumping ship" is if they were to be shipping a Cortex-A9 dual or quad-core with roughly the same power profile (think low-end P4M laptop in your hand…) at this time. I don't get why people have their panties in a twist here on this- the update's largely not fixing something horribly broken (pinch to zoom not being there isn't "horribly broken", and the other stuff isn't show stoppers being not there either- you bought the phone with it knowing it had those "deficiencies" in almost all of the cases, get over yourselves.

  • nate

    i agree, the update actually seems to be lacking in some areas that the roms available already have a stable version of. it is very easy to root your phone and change it however you want, that is the whole reason everyone loves the android devices, open format means you can change anything about it. There is always a risk of course but if your not willing to take the risk than just be patient on the 2.1 release. if you really want to root your phone just go on youtube and watch a tutorial

  • D G

    Rooted Droid FTW! Overclock with Cyanogen or other 2.1 Rom. Who needs Verizon’s “Official” 2.1 that doesnt even have N1 like launcher. The best part about rooting is you can remove all the useless apps to save more space on the phone.

  • brambu

    It wouldn't be such a big deal if they haven't been waving it infront of our noses since Jan.

  • Joshua

    Thinking of jumping ship and waiting for the HTC incredible or the Nexus One. However, I'm in love with the Verizon network. I love my Google Phone, the GPS and other features are worth the price of admission. I don't want to end up with a phone that I'm not pleased with for 2 years. I also don't trust Motorola and Verizon to push out timely updates. Trust means everything. I don't feel like tampering with my phone to recieve updates.

  • Alex

    Am I going to jump ship to another phone? Are you serious? But I’m getting pretty P.O.’ed with all this waiting.

    Maybe I’ll root like Ian did. I’m just worried about voiding my warranty.

  • ummm…I am a droid owner…why would I be “pulling my hair out” over an OS update? I figure all in good time.

    And jump ship? because of an update? ummmm….I guess I am interested since I am posting comments about this, but…not really devastated. I like my hair more than software, I guess.

  • Kaleb

    I think it’s funny how everyone is upset over something they are getting for FREE. How about everyone stop getting pissed and let them work. They wouldn’t have delayed it for no reason. This is a FREE update. FREE. People should stop trying to end someone’s life because they don’t have it when they want it.

    • Sars

      Is it any different than being promised a raise but never getting it?

    • Sean

      So if I pay Verizon $80/month I get FREE updates, and if I don’t pay them I do not get FREE updates? I wonder why they don’t get rid of their entire “free” service department.

    • Akel

      FREE??? Do you know how much this phone cost? there is no free updates. do you think? they would spend so much money to develop a free update?? cost of this update is built into the phone/contract price. you will never see a day where companies start giving you free things. welcome to the real world of corporations

  • Ryan

    Ian how did you root your phone? i tried to do mine but i cant find the right sites that helps me do it.

  • Oscar

    Update installed bt verizon ota?

  • Ian

    I already have 2.1 running on my droid. Rooting ftw.

    • Oscar

      from Verizon OTA ?

    • Ryan

      Ian, how did you root your phone? i tried to root mine but cant find the right site that helps me do it

    • Dougq

      How did u get it already