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HTC Sprint EVO 4G: T-Mobile’s HSPA+ phone will be faster

While HTC and Sprint clearly stole all the headlines at CTIA Wireless yesterday following the announcement of the EVO 4G handset, T-Mobile had some huge announcements of their own to make, which may have slipped under the radar.

As reported from AndroidSpin, T-Mobile stated at CTIA that they will be launching an HSPA+ handset in the second half of 2010.

Not only that, but they also claimed that this handset will be ‘3x faster’ than the Sprint EVO 4G and will have more coverage than ever before. The company also tells customers that they should expect to see download speeds of 10-12 Mbps, which would overshadow the Sprint’s 4G 3-6 Mbps download speeds.

While we are surely impressed with the EVO 4G, could T-Mobile’s unannounced HSPA+ handset be one to look out for?

Let us know your thoughts on this. More info through the link.



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