HTC Sprint EVO 4G (Supersonic): Still want Verizon Nexus One?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

We dont know about you, but we are pretty excited about the announcement of the HTC Sprint EVO 4G handset. We were all expecting to see the ‘Supersonic’, but in actual fact, I think ‘evo’ is a much slicker name – a perfect fitting for the first 4G handset to release in the US.

We have the official video promo from Sprint to show you now, which gives you a great preview of some of the phone’s main features – just in case you missed the announcement at CTIA Wireless 2010.

Once again, Sprint ask you the question: What can you do with 4G? Well the obvious answer is the EVO. We have a feeling that this phone is going to set the standard for smartphones now, at least until the iPhone 4G is announced.

Are you still bothered about the HTC Incredible or Nexus One on Verizon? You should watch the video, you might change your mind. Let us know your initial reaction to the EVO.

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  • Veeps

    “The video has been removed by the user.”

  • john

    i touch myself uncontrollably every 4 hours

  • Money

    Sprint does suck i have them now never get service i cant believe im paying for this .. but it all depends your location now doesnt it so..!!!!

  • Phoenix

    Marcos is dead on. Buy a clue Sam.

  • Sam 2

    Marcos…you have no idea what you're talking about from the beginning it's bs.

  • Marcos Rivera

    Being a person who has used EVERY carrier and pretty much every smart phone, I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW GOOD THE PHONE IS if the carrier sucks. Sprint is awful, T-Mobile is awful, AT&T is horrible. Verizon is expensive….but their network and service is the very best. Nexus One or Incredible would be the icing on the 3g coverage-cake that Verizon offers it's customers.

    • Ed P

      I always love comments like these. It all depends on WHERE YOU LIVE. Also, if you are talking voice service .. then just switch to digital roaming. Sprint doesn't charge you for digital roaming. And since Verizon is the only other CDMA carrier … you get Verizon's network for Sprint prices. Plus you get Sprint's 4G.