HTC Sprint Evo 4G: Official images released are ‘incredible’

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

We have some great news for Sprint customers looking to pick up the recently announced HTC EVO handset, as Sprint has just released some lovely official product images over on their website. We have collected them and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure.

Despite being announced just hours ago at CTIA Wireless 2010, we already have given you a lot of info regarding the handset. Firstly, there was an initial hands-on from Engadget, followed by the release of a hands-on video taken by the guys at Mobile Crunch.

For some consumers though, there is nothing better than some old fashioned high-res screenshots. Take a look at the collection below. If you want to view them in even higher quality, head to Sprint’s website here.

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  • raheem

    but yea this does do alot. but if sprint wants more people to come to them then the price should actually go UP over time. like as soon as its out then it should be a nice low price but over time the price should go up. that would be the first time that was ever done but it will work.

  • raheem

    i think sprint should hier a kid to test all the phone, a kid knows what kids like. im only 16 so id love the job.

  • raheem

    so if sprint really want this phone to sell then they should have a low price on this phone but make another evo with a key board and change alot for it.

  • raheem

    i know over 100 people that said they were guna get thisphone, but they all said they are not paying more than 800. niether am i