HTC Incredible: Does Sense UI and better battery life win you?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

The first day of CTIA 2010 promised us so much in the way of smartphone launches, but there was still a few that did not get a mention. One such handset was the HTC Incredible. There have been so many rumors stating that the handset will launch at the event – maybe that will happen today.

There are a few things that we think we know about the HTC Incredible, the first is that it will use Sense UI, and the second is that it will have better battery life than the Google Nexus One thanks to downscaling the Snapdragon processor from 1GHZ to 768MHz.

This will make it a hard decision to choose, do you go with the Google Nexus One with its powerful processor, which can perform a number of tasks without breaking a sweat, or do you go with the HTC Incredible, which will run a little slower but will have much better battery life?

The way to make your mind up is think about what you will use your smartphone for. Remember to choose wisely, although we have to remember that the specs on the Incredible are all speculation, let us hope that we learn more today.

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  • Matt

    this underclock will unlikely have much of an effect on speed, and even then you can overclock the processor and you will have about the same battery life and speed as the N1, but with HTC sense.

    • derfmag

      still faster than droid

  • John

    You can always put the Sense UI on the Nexus One if you want that and still have the processor speed, or even underclock the processor if you want a longer battery life…i'd rather have the N1 especially for the noise canceling microphones!!!

  • kyle

    The processor is not underclocked. I will run at full capacity when active and 245Mhz while idle.