HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone: 2010 and video calling

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

The HTC EVO 4G was announced yesterday and will be using the Sprint Wimax network. The handset looks to have a few good features – well apart from its TFT LCD screen, which we discussed in a recent post. One feature that needs a mention is its 1.3-megapixel front facing camera, which is something that the iPhone 4G is rumored to be getting – making both smartphones ideal for video calling. We also understand that the iPhone OS 4.0 will come with video chat support.

We can understand why the EVO will have the ability for video calling, as it has that superior 4G Wimax network. However, the idea of the iPhone 4G having the same seems a little premature, considering that the AT&T 3G network is not the best, although the carrier is doing some major upgrades throughout 2010.

We all know about dropped calls with AT&T, this will then extend to dropped video calls, not great if you are conducting a video conference for business. We are certain that AT&T are working around the clock to keep iPhone customers happy, they do not want to lose them to Verizon – if and when they get the Apple smartphone.

Do you think video calling for the iPhone is important, or is there another feature that you would like to see first?

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  • Since the iPhone came out, every year there’s a phone thts supposed to b better than the iPhone. but after a month of hype the iPhone still remains king. Wake up ppl. Apple quality will always b better than windows or droid, Worse if ur iPhone is jailbroken, no matter the service. best hope is the verizon iPhone to b faster than AT&T. So give it up plz

  • Derek

    I purchased the HTC EVO and I too ownded the The HTC Hero and yes its a great phone but I have to say Your in for a suprise the htc evo takes the cake it is by far the best phone I have ever owned its an awesome phone way better than any I phone and yes better than the hero

  • honest abe

    Well speaking honestly Sprint shouldn’t really say they have 4g service either until they have it in more than a handful of cities.

    • breethignmartyr

      they do. its in over a dozen cities and growing.

      • Sprintevoontheway

        A dozen? I don't even think it's anywhere close to me (West TN/KY)

  • Actually… HTC/Sprint has been providing the world with a phone that has seriously been overlooked… LOL! Umm.. the HTC Hero is by far the best phone today… but I will be upgrading to the EVO as well…

    The Hero has wifi tethering, flash capability, I can stream Iron Man 2 on my phone today, and it does not even come out until Friday…. The HTC Hero does more than the Iphone does. Oh, and everyone when you get a chance, please take a look at an app called Jet-flicks… it's only offered for Android. It's by far the best App ever…. Also, Music Junk isn't bad either…

    The only reason I am upgrading to the Evo is because of the 4G rumors, the HDMI and TV Output, Android 2.1, the upgraded camera, and the larger screen…. Question… Does anyone know what it is that the Ipad can do that this phone can't?? Because I can tell you several things that this phone can do that the Ipad can't do…

    While everyone is comparing the Iphone 4G which we know nothing about to the HTC Evo 4G, we should be comparing HTC Evo to Media Tablets….

    • BCC

      how are they making an iPhone 4G if ATT does not have any 4G service?

      • SimSim

        With regards to Apple, 4G stands for 4th Generation iPhone (1st Gen = iPhone 2G, 2nd Gen = iPhone 3G, 3rd Gen = iPhone 3GS, 4th Gen = iPhone 4G)

  • There is already a music player on the android phone… Get the music junk app which is free by the way… it allows you to preview full length songs b4 downloading. It also has a feature that will provide the lyrics…. and you can type any song in… All of this is free… but Android has an app that's three times better than any music app. Please research Jetflicks. Its by far the best app ever…. try watching your favorite shows for free… By the way, I also have an HTC Hero… the only reason I am upgrading is for the TV-out Feature and Android 2.1

  • rob

    IPhone suks.

  • james burkes

    Jacob, just use MediaMonkey instead of crappy iTunes, “problem” solved. Use instructions on mediamonkey forum. I did, and it works great.

  • taylor

    I work for Clear….

    Think of it like a pre-paid cell phone company, example Cricket…

    They buy “service” and “tower usage” from big cell phone companies, the customer pays up front and gets an alloted number of minutes for the month while still using Sprint, AT&T, etc. towers. You don’t get the perks like siging up with the big guys (ex: Sprint – unlimited cust to cust minutes) but you still get the SAME coverage…

    So at Clear, we buy our “network” from Sprint, TWC and AT&T and allow the customer to buy from us at a low, LOCKED IN, monthly rate.

  • Jacob

    I currently have an iPhone 3G but would like to switch to the Evo when it becomes available. However, there are a few questions about it I need to have answered before I do so…

    1. First and foremost, one of the main reason for having the iPhone is for the iPod app built in.. I have been an iTunes user for years and it was always soo easy to add my songs straight from iTunes to my iPhone. I'm wondering what I will need to get on my comp instead of iTunes in order to put songs on the Evo.. And also wondering if it will be as easy as connecting the phone to the comp to start doing so.

    2. How does the 30,000 Android apps stack up against the 185,000 App Store apps?

    3. The iPhone is just a simple phone to learn and to use.. Is the Evo going to be equally as simple? (Answered preferrably by HTC and Android users)

    4. When in the world am I going to get 4G in my city?! (Tulsa,OK)

    There are others but those are probably the most important.

    • Taylor

      I have an HTC Hero and I love it!!!! My boss has a new iPhone and my HTC blows his outta the water!!! The apps are amazing, and CHEAP! Not to mention all the BASIC things my phone can do that his iPhone CANNOT!!!! I've only had my Hero for 3 mons and am already in line to get a new EVO…. htc is the BEST phone I have EVER had!!… I had an iPhone up until i got my Hero if that tells you anything!!!

    • Taylor

      I have an HTC Hero and I love it!!!! My boss has a new iPhone and my HTC blows his outta the water!!! The apps are amazing, and CHEAP! Not to mention all the BASIC things my phone can do that his iPhone CANNOT!!!! I've only had my Hero for 3 mons and am already in line to get a new EVO…. htc is the BEST phone I have EVER had!!… I had an iPhone up until i got my Hero if that tells you anything!!!

      1. easy as pie!!! comes with usb chord, plug in and that's it!!!! you can literally drag and drop to add music OR use media player OR… there's so many options to add files

      2. apps are awesome!!! i don't even brows i use the search and will type in the most random things and it will ALWAYS finf an app for my search!

      3. my HTC Hero came with 3 booklets and I never opened 1! it comes with a SELF SERVICE APP.. basically like help for Windows… it will guide you through EVERY procedure that phone does!! this is the best thing ever!!!

      4. patience… it's expanding as we speak!

    • rob

      If you like to download music for free yes for free get an adroid phone. I have over three hundred songs in my phone (full lenght) all free. On I tunes u gota buy them. I have the HTC hero but. Gona get the evo

      • DumbassRob

        U dumbass, thats what Limewire is for!

  • JJB

    A few good features? This phone has feature never put in a handset before! 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, dual 3G/4G WiMAX connectivity, forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, rear-facing 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus and 720p HD video recording, Largest screen ever, HDMI Out, 8 yes 8 hot spot connections (You can connect 8 devices using wifi to this device and share the 4G love), live video streaming over the web (Think grandparents logging on to a web site and watching your boys soccer game live), Android 2.1

  • steve

    Sprint, google, time warner and a few other's all pooled together to create "clear"

  • Rick

    Comcast owns some of it also.

  • Anonymous

    Sprint owns 51% of Clear

  • Clear employee

    It's Clears wimax network not sprints.