Earth’s Biggest Bang: Physicists Set Date

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

The biggest scientific experiment on earth is underway once again following a few setbacks along the way. The date has now be set to re-create the Big Bang that happened 13.7 billions years ago –that date is March 23. We just hope that it does not destroy the universe as some have suggested.

The event is to take place in a underground 17-mile tunnel beneath the French-Swiss border – the Large Hadron Collider already started to circulate particles in November 2009 after a setback in 2008 – due to an overheating problem.

There are two beams that are circulating at 3.5 trillion electron volts, this is the highest energy ever achieved by man. The next step is the difficult one, to actually bring the beams together for a collision. So we mentioned that the collision would take place on March 30, CERN’s director-general, Rolf Heuer said, “It may take hours or even days to get collisions”.

If and when the collision happens, that is when all the scientists involved will begin to analyze all the data collected. There are so many reasons why the experiment is taking place; the one I like is that you do not know where you are going until you know where you have been.

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  • LHC Safety Review

    An independent review of the long-term risks associated with possible black hole production at the LHC:

  • JCzar

    Tracy, science doesn't attempt to disprove the existence of God. Never has, never will. You can think of it as science trying to show us how things have happened. Whether you believe it is God that did these things or not really isn't a factor in what they are doing. Trying to prove yourself right is bad science.

    As for destroying the Earth, this collider cannot do something that isn't already possible in nature. In fact, there are innumerable places we've seen where more powerful interactions occur daily. And they're still there. The likelihood of this happening would be more far-fetched than someone winning the lottery every day of their life. You are a million times more likely to get killed by an airplane after it was struck by a meteor entering the earths atmosphere while driving in the opposite direction at 60mph . But hopefully you still drive to work everyday.

  • athek

    this is how they're going to trigger 2012…. science without regards for consequences is just irresponsible….

  • Jon

    Tracy, your line of thinking is the same reasoning that they used when they said the world was the center of the solar system. That the world was flat, that started the crusades and so on. Believe anything you like, just try not to stand in the way of progress doing it.

  • endofcivilization

    why do we allow some unwise people to decide for the planet?? who are those people??

  • Jake

    Great, we don't have enough things in this world trying to destroy us already so lets just add another possibility.

  • Derek

    According to Einstein's theory of general relativity; space, matter, and time came into existence at the big bang. This has been affirmed by scientific inquiries into the expansion of our universe (red shift), background radiation, etc. Could someone explain how the collision of things that do exist will result in a better understanding of how they came to exist? Either something came from nothing or not. Doesn't this assume a "something"? I thought science was in the business of evaluating the physical not the meta-physical.

  • athek

    this is how they're going to trigger 2012…. science without regards for consequences is just irresponsible….

  • frank

    Why does it mean God did not put us here? I can't stand people who think in absolutes. It does not mean that God did not create the universe, it shows how he did it, unless you subscribe to the "blink of an eye theory" God created the Universe, how did he do it? THE BIG BANG, they are not mutually exclusive ideas.

  • Tracy

    This deeply bothers me as a Christian. People are going to upset God by trying to prove that he did not put us here. What a sad time in our world that people doubt.

    • kyle

      How can you think that we came from nothing. That poof one day there was man and woman. We can see evolution and how different animals have become the way they are now. Don't watch "The Invention of Lying", the cause they make that religion is just a joke…

    • Mike

      yes but also if they are successful it still does not disprove existance of a god just that the universe was created in a manner different from the bible. I this it is fantastic that we have evolved so much in such a short time. (refering to time as from the existance of man til now whe compared to the universe which even still is a blink of an eye.)

    • Joy

      Have no doubt that God lit the firecracker that science calls the big bang. If he doesn't want us messing around He will correct us. The same fears were stated when we reached out into space and man stepped on the moon.

  • Lamont

    What an amazing time…Congrats to the scientists involved.

  • Guest

    CERN is hoping it doesn't destroy us too. Wait a way to proceed on an experiment.