Earth’s Biggest Bang: Physicists Set Date

The biggest scientific experiment on earth is underway once again following a few setbacks along the way. The date has now be set to re-create the Big Bang that happened 13.7 billions years ago –that date is March 23. We just hope that it does not destroy the universe as some have suggested.

The event is to take place in a underground 17-mile tunnel beneath the French-Swiss border – the Large Hadron Collider already started to circulate particles in November 2009 after a setback in 2008 – due to an overheating problem.

There are two beams that are circulating at 3.5 trillion electron volts, this is the highest energy ever achieved by man. The next step is the difficult one, to actually bring the beams together for a collision. So we mentioned that the collision would take place on March 30, CERN’s director-general, Rolf Heuer said, “It may take hours or even days to get collisions”.

If and when the collision happens, that is when all the scientists involved will begin to analyze all the data collected. There are so many reasons why the experiment is taking place; the one I like is that you do not know where you are going until you know where you have been.

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