CatholicTV and 3-D programs debuted

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

We have known about 3D-TV for some time now, but Avatar has now helped to sell the new technology. James Cameron will not only be known for his fantastic movies, such as Titanic and Avatar, but the man who helped get 3DTVs in our homes. So many 3D TV channels are popping up all over the place; the latest is CatholicTV – who recently debuted their 3-D programs.

The first programs started on Tuesday, the channel hopes that by embracing this new technology – it will help to draw a younger crowd and spread the word. The network had already teased its followers on the Internet with a number of 3-D shows, as well as launching its monthly magazine in 3-D.

Rev. Robert Reed, the director of CatholicTV said that he had been planning 3-D TV long before Avatar or Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. He said that it was the way to go – I believe him in one sense, but still think that this technology is still to young to fully embrace.

It is amazing that CatholicTV is using this new technology; we have to wonder if it will help them gain the younger audience as they hope?

Source – AP

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  • great! are there any articles about the use of hologram in news reports? we badly needed it for our thesis. thanks!