4G Verizon Nexus One and iPhone with WWAN: If Released

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

We did not get the news that we was hoping for at CTIA 2010 – the launch of the Google Nexus One on the preferred carrier – but we did get the next best thing. What we are talking about is the release of the LTE WWAN device, with 3G support. This means that if Verizon were to get the Nexus One and the iPhone 4G, they would be able to achieve 4G speeds.

Any 4G data product that is released from now will be able to use the WWAN device and get 4G speeds in certain areas. Verizon are working hard on its LTE network and will cover one-third of the U.S. by the end of the year, and double that number in 15 months.

Verizon is very confident that all of the U.S. will have LTE 4G coverage by 2013. We are not certain as to the timescale of AT&T, but they are still struggling to improve its 3G-date service, which is bad news for current iPhone owners.

Engadget reports that no data plan prices have been disclosed yet, but they explain that it should be about the same as you currently pay for your 3G rates.

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  • nexus my dream a gadget

  • UmFromUmbridge

    people should just accept that verizon is not getting the iphone…at this point it just seems like a scheme to keep more people from leaving verizon.

  • Nice to see that this site only pulishes comments that meet standards higher than the value of their actual articles.

  • Eddie

    What’s the point? VZW gets a great 4G LTE system with no quality smart phone to take advantage of it.

    I am very disappointed that AT&T got the Nexus One before VZW. What a blunder on behalf of VZW.

  • Chub, you are a clown. There's so much IF in this as speculation, it's not newsworthy. I will now put you in my CLOWNSHOE Filter listing of authors that are clueless.

  • dirk

    learn how to write