The HTC Incredible or Nexus One on Verizon: Your decision?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

Both the HTC Incredible and the Google Nexus One will be available on the Verizon Wireless network, but which smartphone will you choose? His will be a tough decision, many would assume that Verizon customers will go with the Incredible – as it comes packed with a better camera and other upgrades.

There are those who will be sitting on the fence with this one, but Verizon Forums have asked its readers to look at the of the pros and cons for each handset. For those who are pondering over the decision of what one to buy, we hope that these comments help.

Many people said that they would not make a decision until the full specs were released for the HTC Incredible – but it looks as though they are leaning towards the Incredible. Others worry that Verizon may lock the phone down; this could help the Nexus One if they do.

Looking at some of the comments readers believe that specs will be almost the same, the difference will be in the service. With the Nexus One, Google will handle all the purchases, Verizon will do the same for the HTC Incredible – so it will be down to whom you trust the most.

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  • Charle3s Stevens

    I want an Iphone

  • bubba

    i'm confused if either phone will actually hit the market anytime soon.

  • squiddles

    I'm dying, here – I started with a new company, and I must buy my phone by the end of this month if they're to pay for service, and, it has to be orderable from Verizon, not from Google. Given my limitations, it's likely be "none of the above". But I'd prefer the specs on the Incredible (although there's been some confusion regarding what, precisely, they'll be.)

    I'm considering an IPhone, since I can also buy from AT&T;, but I'd prefer VzW's network.

    Sprint's WiMax service isn't available here, (which seems stupid, since the WiMax development lab is like 2 miles from my house), so no Sprint for me.

  • Brandon

    On T-mobil it's an extra hundred $ to get a nexus one on a family plan. If its the same on verizon i'll have to choose the incredible.

  • Brad

    Does an 8mp camera translate to higher res video recording? If so, then Incredible. That would be the only substantive difference.

  • PhoneDawg

    Waiting for Supersonic on Sprint. Better specs, better pricing, fewer carrier impositions.