Sprint’s 4G Network 2010: 7x greater coverage, should Verizon worry?

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2010

We have some great news for customers on Sprint’s network now, as the company has just announced that they are to expand their new 4G network with as many as 7 new markets.

As reported from MobileBurn, Sprint are planning to make the changes this year – all part of their ongoing plans with their 4G WiMax network.

The expansion will happen coast-to-coast between Los Angeles to Miami. Sprint has highlighted a few cities that will benefit from this. They include Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and many more.

Combine this with existing plans to offer 4G in New York and Washington, then it looks like Sprint are becoming a force to reckon with. Who says the ball is firmly in Verizon’s court?

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • lakerfanatic

    well said liliceman77 Sprint rocks hands down best plans everything unlimited and the best network and the first with 4G everybody else follows.

  • liliceman77

    Verizon is over rated. Sprint is the best. Statistics show it. It also recentley was ranked #6 out of top 500 of the most green companies and the ONLY cell phone company in america to hit the top 50. ANd going green could keep Sprint in the market. And lowering prices does add more customers..they recently just added 650,000 customers in the last THREE months. That is exactly why I switched from Verizon. I get all my Verizon/Alltel coverage for in the boonies and Sprint's rock solid network in the suburbs….And Verizon won't be done bulding their LTE network by the end o the year. Verizon's website says it should be done building it by 2013. Get your facts straight….Sprint also came in 1st on the most reliable network done by PC world. With AT&T coming in last.

  • Sprint's 4G network is ultimately not going to be enough to keep Spring in the consumer market. Verizon says its LTE 4G network will be done being built by the end of the year and will start offering handsets by early next year. This is just months behind Sprint, and while that can be a lot in the wireless world its not enough for Sprint to really gain any kind of advantage on AT&T and Verizon. Not to mention Sprint is building its 4G on WiMax technology instead of LTE, and LTE is considered to be the dominant technology for 4G networks. If that turns out to be true, and it looks to be heading that way, Sprint may be forced to convert anyways. Ultimately Sprint will be relegated to its niche market for business clients and users. Throwing around ridiculous 4G ads and offering great deals on phones and plans will not make them a competitor in the consumer wireless market since once Verizon rolls out an LTE network with what will be definitively a better infrastructure and more complete with larger coverage and more users to benefit from it not to mention undoubtedly plans to rollut a slew of 4G phones in a matter of months. Like I said, Sprint is grasping at straws, although I'm sure businesses who remain with them will appreciate the 4G speeds.