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Samsung CTIA 2010: Galaxy S smartphone initiatives

CTIA 2010 begins tomorrow, March 23 to 25 in Las Vegas and we will get to learn what the cell phone world has to offer. Samsung has a number of incentives that it will share with us on its Galaxy S smartphone – Engadget has taken a closer look to see what we have to look forward to.

The first thing that you need to know is that the S stands for Smart Life, it does not look as though it will be a smartphone as such – instead a strategy, whatever that means.

It seems that the new standard will be 1GHz applications processor in Samsungs premium smartphone range for 2010 – it is assumed that this will be the very capable Cortex A8-based c that we heard about back in 2009.

Samsung will also concentrate on movie and magazine content, which will take full advantage of the Super AMOLED displays on the new range of handsets. The new Samsung Galaxy S will take advantage of all these new features and more. Remember to keep following our CTIA page for all the latest details from the event.



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