Palm Android with a webOS UI: Rumors untrue

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

There are rumors doing the rounds regarding Palm, saying that the handsets needs help from Android if it has any hope of surviving. We are not sure if they mean a full switch to Android or a sort of webOS UI hybrid. Engadget explains that the report started with a series of emails being sent to tech outlets.

The rumored email was written by CEO Jon Rubinstein, stating that while he has been happy with the team who built their mobile OS – it was time to move on for the future of the company. The email then said that they were moving over to the Android platform.

The full memo was supposed to be on Wikileaks at midnight – unsurprisingly it was a no show. Engadget thought that they would phone Palm and learn the truth; their answer was swift – no. But hold on a minute; was this really a bad idea?

All evidence points to the fact that this was just a silly rumor, but stranger things have happened. Look at it like this, we know that Palm mare in trouble – with shares set to be worthless – so teaming with the might of Google’s Android could be the answer. What do you think?

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