Nintendo 3D S: DS Successor without 3D glasses

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

Nintendo announced in a press release that they are to launch the Nintendo 3D S. This new handheld is the successor to the popular DS, and will offer 3D graphics without the need for those ugly glasses. However, Nintendo reckons that the device will not be ready for release until March 2011.

This was the big news that we mentioned last week, although we just assumed that the DS would get a small spec upgrade. Nintendo understands that 3D is the next big thing, you only have to see the range of 3D TVs that the likes of Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are unleashing on the consumer market.

Sales of the Nintendo DS have now hit 125 million as of December 2009, so the new 3DS version should sell in huge numbers. The new system is backwards compatible, so all your old DS games will play on it.

Nintendo will release more details on the 3DS at E3 on June 15, 2010.

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  • I'm very intrigued as to how Nintendo will pull this off. I have confidence they will, seeing as competitors such as Apple are on the rise, and it would be foolish to make a dumb move at such a time. Definitely looking forward to seeing what games this thing has to offer as well, DS level + 3D, or a whole new upgrade to the CPU and GPU.