Nexus One on Verizon Wireless: Will it be today?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

We recently mentioned that the Google Nexus One on Verizon would launch on March 23, which is today and is perfect timing for the Android 2.1 handset, as it is the first day of CTIA 2010. Google have yet to confirm this date, but a release today would give the handset a huge amount of exposure. jkOnTHERUN is running a poll on this.

CTIA is the biggest telephony trade show so we wonder why Google is not here – although they were not at CES 2010. The search engine giant is like Apple in that respect, they do not attend these kinds of shows. The smart money is on a launch today, just like the Nexus One for T-Mobile was announced on the first day of the Consumer Electrics Show in January.

Google has been telling us for some time now that they will launch the Nexus One superphone in the spring, that began last weekend, Google cannot hang around no longer, as this is the last big phone show in the U.S.

One thing is certain, if the handset is launched today its success will be short lived – this has something to do with the much rumored Apple iPhone 4G.

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  • There should be a 3rd option: My vote here make no difference on what really is going to happen 🙂