New iPhone 4G in 2010: History and The Road Ahead

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

All Apple fans can talk about at the moment is the iPad tablet device and for good reason, it is a great product that will fill the gap between the netbook and the smartphone – well that’s what Steve Jobs thinks. Once all the hype comes to an end with this device – all eyes will be on the new rumored iPhone 4G in the summer.

2010 is when the smartphone war will kick into high gear, Google got off to a flying start with its Nexus One superphone. This is not the best handset in the world, but it is a sign of things to come from HTC and the search engine giant.

There are so many questions being asked, will the iPhone 4G with its new 4.0 OS have some design features from the iPad? I hope it does not, I want to see an amazing design like the iPhone 4G / HD / Pro concept images we have mentioned about recently.

The Apple Blog wanted to try and understand Apple and its iPhone a little to see if they could gauge what they have planned for us next. The first thing that they needed to explain is why the iPhone has G’s – what do they mean. The 2G was when Apple moved from analog to digital, although the iPhone was never analog.

Then there was 3G, this offered multimedia support, now we are waiting on 4G. We are not certain what this will bring, but it will not be 4G LTE speeds, this will not be available until 2011. Sprint and Verizon already have test areas with 4G, AT&T is a little behind. They know that they need to upgrade their 3G network before they have any hope of implementing 4G.

For more details on the history and the road ahead for the iPhone, visit The Apple Blog.

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