New for 2011 Subaru WRX widebody

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

Subaru loves to play about with its rally-bred WRX models, and the third-generation is no exception.
With an increase in power from the now 2.5-liter turbochargered flat-four, (you may remember original Impreza Turbo’s were 2.0-liter) for 2011 the WRX now has a wide body design taken from the STI model.

With the wider more aggressive stance comes a 1.5 inch-wider track front and rear. Firming things up are stiffer rear sub frame bushes straight from the STI and sticky 235/45R17 tires wrapped round wider 17×8-inch wheels.

Along with the widened fenders comes a new front lip spoiler, with larger black grille and intakes. With 265-horsepower the increase of 34 pounds in curb weight shouldn’t hinder the WRX’s performance. Whether you choose the five-door model or the sedan you will still get the pumped up new styling, so the only question is which body style suits you?

Check out AutoBlog for more pictures of Subaru’s testosterone filled performance car.

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