Nanotech Robots: Cancer gene therapy breakthrough

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

The long battle to find a cure for cancer seems to be getting closer, but who would have thought that it would involve Nanotech Robots? These small nanoparticle robots enter a patient’s blood stream and then get to work on the tumors – this is where they can deliver therapy that in some cases can turn off the cancer gene.

This new approach to the treatment of cancer is called RNA interference or RNAi; it is not a cure but has worked on a number of people. The treatment, which uses ribonucleic acid is going to become more widespread in the fight of many illnesses, this not only includes cancer but AIDS and blindness as well.

Developing RNA is the easy part – getting it to the correct parts of the body is the tricky bit, this is according to an article on Yahoo News. This is where nanotechnology comes in to play, we know that this sounds like something from Star trek, but the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena sure know what they are doing.

This new treatment is in the very early stages and still has a long way to go – it is just nice to hear that we are one step closing to curing cancer.

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  • Marii

    Sounds wonderful! And very interesting too.
    I do wonder though, how the nanotech will be removed.