Microsoft Xbox 360: 250GB Standalone HDD Coming Soon

By Jamie Pert - Mar 23, 2010

If your Xbox 360’s HDD is running short on space you may want to check out the new 250GB hard disk drive which is coming soon, prior to this the biggest drive you could buy for your Xbox 360 was 120GB (unless you brought an after-market drive or a special console bundle).

The new 250GB drive brings the Xbox 360 level with the largest hard disk drive available for the PlayStation 3, however at the moment it doesn’t seem to be available.

The drive was spotted by a Joystiq reader called Rodney, he spotted it in the Spotlight section of the Xbox 360 dashboard, despite listing the HDD as available now I failed to find an official listing with a release date and price, also it wasn’t listed on the Xbopx 360 accessory pages.

As we find out more detailed information regarding pricing and an official release date we will keep you posted, for further details check out the link below.

Source: JoyStiq

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