HTC Sprint EVO 4G: Incredible in every way, video hands-on

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2010

Have you managed to catch your breath after the official announcement and unveiling of the HTC EVO handset? We hope so, as we have a great hands-on video to show you now, some would say its pretty ”Incredible”.

The hands-on video comes to us courtesy of Mobile Crunch, who have managed to spend some exclusive time with the device live from CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas.

The video gives you an exact idea of just how big the display screen really is. The fact that this beauty can churn out HD videos and recording with ease, and will have superior data features thanks to Sprint 4G WiMax, it only leaves us wanting more.

Check out one of the first videos below, we’ll bring you more as we get them.

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  • coolfx35

    I am a big forum freak so I mineswell join now while i wait for my preordered Evo. I currently have Palm Pre, which I have a love and hate relationship with lol. 60% of the time its the best phone in the world, the rest i want to smash it against the ground (which I have lol). Currently overclocked at 800mhz and runs pretty good except for tandom freezups.

    Looking forward to having a great experience. BTW someone already root the phone.

    pretty amazing