Final Fantasy VII: Remake release on Xbox 360 too?

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2010

Well, depending on which way you see it – we have some very good news, and some very bad news. Square-Enix boss Yoichi Wada has finally confirmed that the team are looking into remake ideas for Final Fantasy VII, but stated that it could come to more than one platform.

As reported from VG247, Wada was speaking at the recent launch party for Final Fantasy XIII when he revealed the news that everyone wanted to hear.

He explained: “We’re going to explore the possibility – whether or not we’re going to do it, if we’re going to do it, and the platform.”

Never have we seen the words ‘explore’ from a Square exec yet. We have seen ‘interested’, but not ‘explore’. This is surely great news for FF7 fans all over the world.

The bad news? It might be coming to platforms other than the Playstation 3. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Sepholi

    I think thats great there doing a remake finally but honestly if it does come out on all plats Im still getting it on the Ps3 because Im get XIV ARR also since its not offical about a 360 release

  • Omnislashed

    I still have this on my PS1 and still play it once in a while. I’m not going to go buy a PS3 just to play the remake though. Oh, and they should make a FF7 movie based on the game. Advent Children was great, but I would like to see a movie of FF7 following the story of the game. BTW, there should be a universal game system that you can play ANY game on. PS1,2,3, Xbox, Xbox360, nintendo, super nintendo, sega and so on. No more having to choose a system if you can’t afford or even find them all, and no more limits to what you can and can’t play. Imagine being able to buy a game disc with all or some of the classic nintendo games on it – that’s pure gold in my opinion!

  • WmJames525

    I would love to see Final Fantasy VII (7) come to XBOX 360. My opinion, it’s by far the best one out of the series.  I would also like to see Tactics be remade as well 🙂

  • Guest

    Yay! I must say I just got Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 and I love it! When I went to look for more for the xbox 360 but sadly there wasn’t much 🙁 So this is GREAT news!! I hope they remake a bunch of the FF games so they can be played on xbox!!  😀

  • Jammer688

    As long as it comes out on the best platform out there. The 360. I’m happy. Been waiting years to replay ff7 with todays graphics.

  • Davidsalazar

    I think as long as it comes out I dnt care what platform it comes out on 🙂

  • Cturle43

    Hey wait it says might NOT come for the other systems what the, i almost have every 3-D FF what microsoft rejecting you or you dont want to I have to know :(!!!

  • Cturley43

    OK as long as it comes out for XBOX 360 im  very good and ive been waiting on a remake, I wasnt born when the fist FFVII came out but i brought it and played it on ps2 for ps1

  • the game was 3 or 4 cd’s, the hd version could fit on a single dvd. just do it in 480p, it still looks good. why is that so hard to understand

  • Jeff

    I for one think it should be released to other systems. there are plenty if people on xbox who love the final fantasy series just as much as playstation users. And the profit that square would make would be much higher if they brought it to other systems. ff7 is my all time favorite game! I hope they remake it for many systems for everyone to enjoy

  • Put it on Xbox 360!!! I begged for one and now i want a ps3 what the hell the game is the same as my age

  • Put it on Xbox 360!!! I begged for one and now i want a ps3 what the hell the game is the same as my age

  • sledge099

    I hear a lot of argueing about PS3 and Xbox, but FF1 ,2 ,and 3 started with Nintendo. Then moved to PS and then eventually xbox. Most likely Square will follow the fans and release it on as many console as they can.

  • sam

    fuck everyone that says it should be for the PS3 only! i am so sick of going to youtube videos to look at games to see people talk about how much the ps3/xbox 360 is better than the other. i think this game should be released for the ps3 and xbox 360. i do not have a ps3 but i have talked to so many people about how much a final fantasy 7 remake would make my life, and now i may not get to play it because some douchbag thinks his system is god! lets just try to enjoy the fucking game!

  • nick acton

    ive seen a quote saying it would toke like 4 years to make a new generation final fantasy with the traditional world map like 7 but i know that bull. proof is in oblivion and similar games . im really tired of all the garbage cop outs since final fantasy 10-2 . it really pisses me off to see games story lines like final fantasy 13. y was it so confusing and why do i have to read the final fantasy 13 in game encyclopedia to understad wat the hells goin on. ff7 was a life saver for the company thats y it was so good, can we pretend that 15 is gonna be a life saver too and actually put some real time into it instead of finding every corner to cut. and take a look at games that took a long time in development… like oblivion, GOD OF wAR… god of war took 3 and some years to complete so i dont want to hear any bitching from anyone at the top saying it take to long… we are at number 15 in the series. so dont jerk me around like that… it seems squarenix is out to milk the public for everything they got with bull sht monthly payments on games like 11 and 14. and when sales final fall they say ther "exploring" options for a ff7 remake. i mean come on, do the top side creators actually care about this series?

  • Jay

    "IF" final fantsy 7 does get remade it will be on the Xbox since it "DOES" have a bigger fan base, so all you sony fan boys keep quiet you clearly dont know what your talking about. ff13 sold more copys on the xbox 360 than it did with the ps3.

    • Neofire363

      What crack rock you smoke before you looked at the sales for both version because the ps3 outsold the 360 version 3-1…google it

  • jesse

    i think that would be great for them i own both ps3 and xbox 360 im a big fan for ff7 its the best game ever made thats my opinion. i have also been waiting for a lllooooonnnnngggggg tttttiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee for this game to be remade cant wait for it but it think it would be good for bothe xbox and ps3

  • jinta

    alright people, i don't own a 360 but i would like all the people to in enjoy the game that i truely grown to love, enough said about that, but really think about it first before you say u want it on the xbox. i don't know much about tech but truely ff7 will fail on the xbox, why? because the ps3 can't handle all the data require to play ff7 remade on a one blue-ray disc. have any of ya'll really even played ff7 like you guys claim. come on people. there are so much content in ff7. not gona go in dept with the remake finish product/quality for this gen, but u get the drift. be more realistic about it. if it takes more than one blu-ray, xbox can kiss goodbye their version of ff7. just take a look at ff13. their not gona give you a 6-9 dvd ff7 remake for xbox game. might even take 3 blu-ray…lol jk…<<<still possible, plus realize that ff7 is a complete product unlike its fellow sister ff13. so, there is no cutting content option available. only way i can see this happen is just a ported ps1 version to xbox. by the way none of these are fact but a strong opinion of mine, and seem to me is very strong point in view. considering what we seen out in the current market. this is maybe one reason why SE don't want a remake yet, cause 2 blu-ray or more disc may equal not good profit since blu-ray is still pricey. but in the end i hope i'm wrong, so more people can injoy this classic game.

  • Jimmy

    TBH most of my friends including me who owned ps1/ps2 have now switched to the xbox 360. Id say to all the PS3 kids who are moaning bout cutting it short. its a remake of the best game ever. If square decides to cut bits out of that just to accomodate other consoles id rather they leave it on the PS1. If they needed to they could simply bump up the discs used on the Xbox/wii/pc versions and the cost a little to accomadate it. I wouldnt mind paying extra if i was getting FF7 back =P And Again what difference does it make to PS3 users when all this is obviously possible. There is no deadline for this game they can take as long as they like

  • connor

    Id lagit cry if it didnt come to the 360 i would lagit cry and stop whining about how long XIII is im 30 hours in and still only at 2k hp! and can only hit 10k with lighting when 999% staggered and i have a long way to go an est. of 150 hours on that game till im officailly done and if u keep saying that it isnt long enough ur clearly not doing the missions or grinding to lvl! the missions are 66% of the game so if u skipped thum ur a dumb ass!

  • Shayne Thompson

    I think it would be best fir everyone if it came out on xbox 360 as well. i mean final fantasy
    13 came out on it and it made twice as much money than it would have if it only came out on ps3.

  • jeffreygnol

    i hate when developers like konami.. who release multiplatform games and then the one good one they make is only for one console. metal gear 4. they should make it for all consoles. maybe even wii? since more ppl own wiis and xboxes it should be for every console.

  • MIchael

    PS3 is a horrible system and only a half retarded donkey would JUST realease 7 on a dying system that most of the gaming community treats as a joke. It would be like the ONLY decent exclusive game for ps, but then again, you know what happens to good ps3 exclusives? MS buys em and xbox owners laugh yet again at there broker PS3 peers.

  • Thomrin

    Honestly, I, being one of many, have never been able to find FF VII for the PS1, but I have been desiring to play the game for years now. I have only played small portions of it at friends' houses, and I don't have a PS3. I also don't have the money to just randomly get the money for a PS3, but I do have an xbox 360 and would love to see it come out for the xbox 360, so people who have never had the privelige of owning the game can now reserve copies and experience Cloud's Story.

  • Edward

    FF7 is by far the best story line of them all and i agree with the person who said the ps3 should have something to have a good title for. I personally dont own a ps3 but am willing to buy one for this game. I have completed the game 100% over 3 times beating all ultimate weapons and getting all possible weapons, accessories, and master materia. I still play it from time to time on my ps1 thats how much i love this game. every other FF since hasnt compared to it. They are good in their own way but im looking for the storyline here and graphics. Graphics, Graphics, Graphics. Thats what it has come to mostly now a days. Whatever system it comes out on they had better go all out on it because this will be the best seller they may ever have. Anyone who has played FF7 will recommend it in a heartbeat. Whatever system it comes on I am willing to buy the system if necessary

  • im very fan of ff i own all those games all i can said it is let come out 3 system like ps3 xbox 360 and pc it will be running money for the ff7 if it came out it will gone crazy when they set out trust me it will be better if they can make all system as for real pplz will earn a lot money if they set out all system then they will be rich trust me pplz let it out all system so we won’t miss out wht into ff7 im a big fan of ff7 i play almost everyday if im boring i go play ff7 on my ps1 i actually have xbox 360 once it is boring i play ff7 i wish come out new on all system so i can play more

    • jeese

      yup yup ur right i cant wait till it come out

  • unknown

    pretty sad if is going to release for xbox 360, comparing xbox360 with ps3 hhahahah is that a kind of joke or what always ps3 owns xbox360 games,graphics,BLUE RAY!!!!!!,and play online free lol xbox360 its crap just buy a ps3 if you want to be a good gamer or just equip ur pc. im pretty sad when Ff' 13 are released for xbox 360….

    • jeffrey gnol

      see look at you u fucking ignorant fan boy we buy consoles for games wich ps3 duzzent have. fuck blue ray no one buys movies anyways. and if ps3 wasnt free online it would losse 98 percent of customers. oh oh yeah they are making you pay

    • jeffreygnol

      i hate ignorant fanboys like u. i dont know about you but i buy consoles to play games which the ps3 does not have. who cares about blue ray no one buys movies anyway. and y would i pay twice the price for the same movie in better quality wtf. fuck u ps3 fan boy. and if psn wasnt online they will loose 98 percent of customers. and gues what they are gonna make u pay

  • afxcv

    Come on guys, do you want to see a fucked up FF7 on xbox and ps3? Or a perfect version on Ps3? FF13 had to be chopped for the xbox 360. I don't want that again. Or maybe let the Ps3 version be complet, as in use all the 50gb disks.

  • Keon

    Hmm, I wouldn't like to see VII on the xbox for the simple reason it would hold it back. I don't care about PS3vsXbox shit. All I care about is the game. If square really goes though with this then they should use all of the available resources. This means, with lack of hardware power from xbox, PS3 is the clear choice. Honestly though I'd buy a ps3 for this game, that's how much the game means to me. Now I'm only worried about whether they ruin the game, or not…

  • Nick

    I love the ff games and I think vii going to the 360 it would be a great redemption for the horrible xi and xiii

  • I think that it better come out to 360 because there are a lot of final fantasy fans with a 360. I cannot afford a PS3 just to get one game! i do hope Microsoft writes a big ass check for this game to be on the 360! I would be very mad if i couldn't get that game, cause i have beaten the original about a million times!!!!!!!!

  • Denzel Williams

    it should come out for xbox 360 because it will of good graphics and good game play

  • Nathanael

    I think they should just stick to Sony.
    For how many fans there are for
    ff7 ,Sony ps3 system sales rate would sky rocket. I mean lets face it ps3 doesn't have many good titles. Xboxs has got halo, Nintendo has got Mario,Ps3 should have a strong title. I don't have a ps3, but knowing final fantasy seven was gonna be remake just for the ps3 id go out and buy one tomorrow.

    • Reko

      You people are aware that sony and squeenix dont get along right? infact they hate each other? and thats why sony lost its FF exclusives on not only PS but PSP too? That they tried to sue squaresoft for releasing old games that were originally on sony systems onto other systems even though they had no legal right? They claimed it devalued thier original (not selling in stores anymore) systems.

    • jeffrey gnol

      they have metal gear

  • MeatKibbles

    "It might be coming to platforms other than the Playstation 3"…and this is BAD news!? What the F***! If they decide to remake this game, I really hope it'll be for the 360 as well.
    Heh, I'd buy a lot more games if they had been ported (decently) to PC though.

  • cp191

    its easily my fave of them all its the 1st 1 i ever played an the 1st game i was ever truly addicted 2 i even killed ruby weapon thats how much time i spent on it i even fnd the 2nd secret ribbon and personaly i think they should bring it out on as many consoles as pos jus so more ppl can expiriance it its still my all time fave game an if they did only bring it out on ps3 i wud buy 1 jus 4 this game

  • Ben

    i thin kits good that they might make it on other systems. i personally dont care one way or the other – but if its more cash in their pocket and it leads to them remaking the game.. then why not?

  • AqStarkicks

    they should just make it 4 both but add more on the ps3 version hehe…

  • Dusty

    ya you know why 13 came to the 360 we actually pay for our service theres a reason the failstation is free to play so Microsoft used its cash to buy it

  • Legolash2o

    If they released it for the PS3 only, i'd buy a PS3 just for that game lol.

    • chris

      same here well woth it

  • TINK

    I love FF I have most of the games even back before VII and I have both a PS3 and XBOX 360 I would love for the remake to come out on the 360 honestly the only people crying are the ones who dont own one!!!! A true FF fan loves the game the storyline everything that we've seen over the years keeps us coming back I know I cant get enough. So just make everyone happy and keep them coming VII was and is still my favorite I have the boxed set but if it comes out on the 360 I will buy it again.

  • Mike

    I would hope to see this game re-released and for the xbox 360. I have been an avid FF series fan since 7 came out and would love to see it out again with updated technology. It would be a shame for fans like me to miss out because we chose to switch to the 360. And as far as "seeing halo or gears of war being released on the ps3." I say screw it. someone needs to think outside the box.

  • MandMslayer

    Well, i would love to see this game re-released and come out on the xbox 360. I loved all the ps1 FF games and even FFX from the ps2. I think it would be a shame to see all the fans of this series miss out because they switched to the xbox. I personally don’t wanna go drop the money to buy a ps3 just to get this game if it would come out on ps3 only.

  • Mr. D

    Oh God. If this is really going to happen… Jesus Christ. Square Enix no exactly they don't need to release it for XBOX 360. Come on guys, we – are – talking – about – FINAL FANTASY VII ! Square Enix know exactly that they cannot possibly ship enough BluRays. Each and every single store in the world would run out of copies in the very first day, what do I say, even BEFORE it is released, through pre-order!
    Personally, I would find it great if Square Enix released it for XBOX 360 alongside the PS3 – AS LONG AS THEY DON'T CUT 50% OF THE GAME for the PS3 version as they did with FFXIII (i mean, come on, have YOU PLAYED FFXIII on the PS3??? You totally see they deleted half of the game just for it to be the same for the XBOXers!).
    Thank you Square Enix for thinking about a remake. I am sure a FFVII remake for the PS3 would sell at least 8 million times and Sony would be thankful, too, because they would get rid of their console in no time!

    • Michael

      well seeing as sony playstation owners comprise less than 30% of gamers, and on average buy 1 game for every 3 a xbox owner buys, why would anyone care what they think? or what games they want? Money is your vote in the gaming world, and the votes are in, sony lost by a landslide to nintendo and microsoft.

  • Sephy

    "FF7 is originally only on playstation and should remain that way."
    Agreed, or it would be like Gears of War or Halo: Combat Evolved getting remade for PS3. I say release it on PS3 and make use of the 7×3.2Ghtz SPU's and make use of 50GB disc space.

    • it would be better if they remake on ps3 and xbox 360 let the sony win a lot money if they make on ps3 they won’t sell tht much if u believe ur way tht fine as for me i rather the remake both system so tht way they can be billionares

  • d00d

    FF7 is originally only on playstation and should remain that way.

    • chris

      i disagree why should i miss out jus coz i dnt wana shell out £250 on a ps3 i still own 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9, on ps1 and 10,10prt2,12 on ps2 and 13 on xbox 360 and 7 8 an 10 r well the best they should make all 3 on both platforms that way no1 misses out on the best of the series

    • Mark

      Until sony basically tried to extort squaresoft and rockstar and shot itself in the foot permanently. Now a decent PS exclusive is rarer than the hanta virus in the suburbs. But hey, the gaming companies MAKE THE GAMES, so if a corporate structure wants to be the EA of console makers let em face the music. Sorry sony fans but c'mon, we only forgave the horrible system that was the ps2 because of one thing: great exclusive games. Sony had nothing to do with its own popularity.

  • Nathan

    Seriously, why the hell does it matter what system it is released on. I was a massive lover of the Final Fantasy series when i had a PSone and PS2 but times change and I bought a Xbox 360 instead of a PS3, why do fans like us have to miss out on such greats because of the fanboys crying.

    • Dusty

      ya me too i bought a ps2 instead of an xbox

  • kan

    Wasn't FFXIII apparently dumbed down so it was similar / identicle to the 360 version?

    • Those were also my thoughts.

    • Dusty

      umm the game was already in production before microsoft asked to buy it so what your saying is they scraped a game a started anew?

    • ima guest

      i dont think so. i thought thats why it was on three disks

    • Michael

      Not really, i know some developers for games and it really comes down to this quote i heard "i can make a game that will utilize the strengths of the ps3 and it would be better than the xbox version, but would take 30% more time and money to make for half the fans, why bother?" Sony has a horrible development set, and its a pain to program a game first for the ps3 then for xbox, when you can easily just port xbox games to ps3. Which is what everyone does.

  • bam250

    Why would it ever be bad news for a game to come to more than one system. I own both the PS3 and the 360 and I say if it gets them more money then that is great because that will give them a better oportunity to make better games down the road. More people own a 360 than a PS3 so it would only make sense to make it for both.

    • Thats why I said, 'depending on which way you see it'. Obviously FF7 is a Playstation game at heart, so no doubt there will be a few pissed at what Square just said! Personally? I couldn't care less.. I just want the game out!! 🙂

      • Isn't it FFXIII really short because it also came out on Xbox 360? The same issue will probably occur if the FFVII remake will be on other gaming platforms.

        • vampkyss

          If u honestly think about it no….u really believe they will change the whole game? Ppl wouldnt buy it if they warped anything on the story. I think the only thinng they will redo is simply the graphics. To change the story would mean it is no longer ffvii. They rnt that stupid

    • Stefanie

      i agree it would be absolutely awesome if it came to the 360(i don't actually own a PS3 so i would be more than happy) and it shouldn't matter if the game was originally a PS game 360 fans around the globe would appreciate a game from square like we did FF13 ^-^

  • wanderson75

    I foresee Microsoft cutting a big fat check to make sure it comes to 360.

    Can't wait!!!

    • Tony Cole

      YOU GO GUY!!!!!!!