AMD and Intel six-core CPU lineup and price

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

Both AMD and Intel have a busy 2010 ahead of them – this has something to do with a new six-core CPU lineup, which DigiTimes has located the price list for. These low voltage processors are seen as the future, this has something to do with less demand on the PSU.

Intel has a variety of CPUs coming this year, the first is the Core i5-680 – this 32nm high-end dual-core processor will cost $284. Then we have the Core i7-870s 45nm low-voltage CPU will cost $560.

AMD looks set to be busier than Intel and will launch a number of new six-core Phenom II processors – this big push will start in the second half of 2010. These include the X6 1035T, X6 1055T, X6 1075T and the X6 1095T.

These are just a handful of the new processors that AMD and Intel will be offering this year; visit DigiTimes for details on other launches.

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