Acceleration issues known by Toyota back in 2002

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

Toyota has been the hot topic over the recent months, but for all the wrong reasons. With Toyota stating that no electronic defect could be found to cause the unintended acceleration problems, report’s stated that sticky accelerator pedals and floor mat issues were to blame.

It has since be found that problems involving unintended acceleration were part of an official service bulletin issued to dealers way back in August 2002. It would seem that an electronic recalibration was instructed to solve the problem on certain ’02 model Camry’s. The bulletin stated that certain vehicles “may exhibit a surging during light throttle input at speeds between 38-42 mph.”

Although Toyota still claims that electronics were not to blame for the recent recall, this new finding can do nothing but play a key part in the ongoing investigations into Toyota’s acceleration issues.
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  • Jane Johnson

    I have a Highlinder 2002 and recently experience my gas pedal stuck and accelarate. Because my vehicle was not on the recall list I end up paying to have it corrected. I paid $240 plus taking time off from work to take care of the problem because they will not give you a loaner vehicle. I think Toyota should reimburse this problem. It was the throttle sticking to the idle (whatever this mean). They have to replace the part. Just because my vehicle does not have a computer that stick does not mean they have the same problem. This is not the only problem with my vehicle. A few months ago spend $800 fixing something that should it be also a recall. Air Conditioner knob. It has a spring that break and you can’t control temperature in the car. Toyota said they have seeing about 6 Highlinder in the past year with the same problem.