$3 for Gallon a Gas: Economic Recovery Unaffected

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2010

We mentioned last week that the price for a gallon of gas is getting closer to the $3 mark, the most it has been since the summer of 2008. There are those who warn that this could have a huge effect on economic recovery. But many experts believe that drivers will just put up with it and pay the price, what else can the do.

Although $3 for a gallon of gas sounds expensive, it is not as much as $4.11 a gallon some time back – also consider that UK drivers pay over $8 for a gallon of petrol as they call it.

One analyst expects that $3 for a gallon of gas will not be for long; by the summer prices will fall again. Mark Zandi from Moody’s Economy.com explains that drivers will pay the $3 price for now, but if it does not fall by the summer, then there could be a huge problem.

If it goes past that stage, then that is when there will be economic recovery concerns. The more gas that you put in your tank, the more you have to take money from another area in your budget. That is when the problems begin and spending stalls.

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    What recovery?
    This is absolutely amazing. Cover for the Dems in power, cover for your president. If it were bush, you would be singing a different tune

  • Greg

    Experts can say what they want, higher prices make a HUGE difference. I travel far less and spend far less because this unnecessary added expense puts a crunch to my budget. Too bad politicians who say they have introduced bills to control speculation on the market don't act on those bills. Why should it cost Americans Billions extra for gasoline just to make a few people rich? Speculation is wrong and must be stopped!