Unlocked iPhone on Apple Store: 4G to follow

By Peter Chubb - Mar 22, 2010

There were rumors that Apple were to offer an unlocked version of the iPhone – this was seen as a counter punch to Google doing it first with its Nexus One smartphone. This is now fact as it has been confirmed by Apple themselves, and will include the 3G and 3GS – we just hope that the 4G will be up for offer once released.

Apple will sell an unlocked iPhone 3G for $499, and 16GB 3GS for $599 and a 32GB 3GS for $699. Apple has not given us any information as to when they will start to offer customers the chance of these unlocked smartphones, but we should hear something soon.

Engadget picks up on the fact that there is no love lost between Google and Apple and is seen as a direct stab at the search engine giant. Europe has been selling unlocked version of the iPhone for some time, this is seen as a huge deal for the U.S.

The handsets will still be tied to AT&T, but is the first time that you do not need to show proof of an AT&T service. For more details on this visit 9 to 5 Mac

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